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I know the game’s not out yet - but I was wondering if anyone else is looking forwards to its release?

I know I am; I personally love the setting and trailers + features I’ve seen from it so far.

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I've played the original Pen & paper rpg (CP2020) and been reading the genre fiction since the 80s so I've been in training for the videogame since then!
I'm so invested in this game i'm trying to hold back my expectations for fear of hype frenzy.
It looks too damn good though!

@Mojack group

Reviving this discussion again!

I’ve been a bit wary because of the delays, but I’ve been fairly optimistic as well (because looking at the screenshots before and after the delays makes me realize there’s quite an improvement looking at the ‘after.’) and I can say I have never left the hype train for it. It’s hard to believe (as of typing this) there’s only 20 days left!

What lifepath is everyone looking to chose for their first play through? I’m going with corpo.

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While I may not be able to actually. well. play the game. I will undoubtedly be following at least two play-through’s. As it’s guaranteed there will be multiple on YouTube. And if the time should come I have both a machine and the time needed to play the game. I am going to.


I am kind of pissed that ArcSystem Works had to issue an apology the day after the last delay was announced because their Twitter mod posted a meme with the Guilty Gear Strive logo on a yellow background and a line of text stating that hours before the Cyberpunk delay was announced. I thought it was hilarious and the guy clearly didn't know it was going to happen, but I felt the corporate apology was unnecessary.