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I mean… literally the best RPG ever. What can you even argue about?

I got it on Steam recently and am re-playing through; almost through a full playthrough and I'm already thinking I might just keep going on a New Game+. The new areas (like Lost Sanctum) are pretty weird and feel pretty grindy for what you get, but I'm so suckered into making the game last as long as I can I am grinding away to finish everything now.

Got 2 more runs through the Black Omen and some Lost Sanctum quests, but then I think i'm nearing 100%…

Anyone else play/played? Would definitely recommend (probably my favorite game).

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Wait why didn't I see this-

I got this game just about a month ago and I'm actually in love with it? I got Lost Sanctum done, I just need one more time through the Black Omen and one other thing I can't remember right now cuz I'm in class but this is more important than algebra right now


I finished watching the Chuggaaconroy LP of Chrono Trigger, the game's amazing! I think the Developer Ending is my favorite, mostly for the jumpscare. Also, I'm not sure why they even added the Lost Sanctum aside from giving people things to do, it LOOKS tedious compared to everything else.