forum How do you describe your weapons/spaceships (if you have any) as clearly as possible without using excessive detail?
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Simply put, how do you describe tech in your world without using paragraphs of details? If a character were to casually pick up a weapon they've always had/already know how to use, how could you describe it to those who don't know (the audience) without boring/confusing them?


Welly story is set in the future so I use examples from the 'past'

So something like this:
Sparrow, annoyed at her team for messing up so bad, reached into her pocket to take out a tiny weapon. A click of a button and it unfolded itself to form a long, spear-like object with a glowing, electric charged blade. A weapon of her own creation, Sparrow had made it so it was easily storable and helped her with her kills.

Violet always had gloves on, sometimes they were fingerless, sometimes they were not. When asked about them she responded that she was always cold. Today was when it was revealed what they were for. The gloves now had claws emerging from the fingertips and the wrist had black strips that wrapped themselves around her arms. She jumped from her place and attached herself to the nearby tree, climbing up swifter than anyone had seen.

I use examples of what they might look like or simply describe their function without giving too much away.

With describing tech, I go at it a little differently. I say the name of it (for example: EarComms) then describe their function by either having the characters explaining to another person, or summarising their function.

So for example:
"Be sure to grab your EarComms and out them in, unless you'd rather charge in without any backup." The general spoke. EarComms, simply put, were communication devices that fit into your ear and were undetectable by sensors. In the past, things like Walkie Talkies were used but they were too chunky and loud.