forum anyone have non-violent sports?
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Actually yes: Khueri. But it's not really a sport that people spectate on. Usually, only riders/ tamers play this game so that they can test their winged friend's skills and also begin to develop a mutual trust with them. It's a game that is very enjoyable for both parties.
Basically: there are 7 balls and 4 small crystals.
The wyvern has to find the crystals that are somewhere on the ground and retrieve them (this tests their eyesight and ability to track something) while keeping their rider safe and make sure they don't fall off. (tests their balance and their love for the rider)
The riders have to keep themselves and their winged friends safe from the 7 flying balls (they don't hurt, but if they get hit by one they have to restart)
Once the winged beast catches all 4 crystals the game is over.
It usually takes about half an hour to complete.
Idk if any of this makes sense but oh well lol

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Thank you! It's usually one at a time. But sometimes multiple people play (it's usually really hectic if they do)

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It’s not violent unless the overseers make it so, which is rare, since life in the Deadlands are already violent and tiring enough. For the survivors, the ones in the maze, they play a sport, currently unnamed but ran by the people called the Rockies (aka the people that get everything handed to them on a silver platter, but we’ll ignore that for now.)

Playing this sport is kinda hard, since in the maze, not everyone knows where sports are played, but usually you have enough people to play. Also in the Deadlands the weather is bad typically. For the Rockies, who can’t survive out in the open world anyways, it’s not a big problem, but for the players, visibility is low. Thus it’s only played during clear weather, or clean weather (without acid rain or dust storms.)

The premise of the game is played with small, armadillo-reptile like creatures called Slara, who roll up in balls when approached typically but can be lured out with food. The survivors come into the arena and can play solo, but this isn’t recommended, or on teams, which is recommended. The base of the game is to at least have one Slara in your team’s or your own inventory by the end of the game.

The arena, using the advanced technology of the Rockies can be set up to several different environments as well. Artificial environments, but they make for a fun experience.

Games usually last an hour at the least but the longest game was 4 hours. It focuses on teamwork, communication, being able to hide Slara, being able to find Slara, and exercises such as running and jumping.
There are a total of 3 Slara in the game for the most part while on average, 50+ teams may play. In order to claim a Slara, you must find someone holding the Slara, and tag them, which by rule the person holding the Slara must hand it over. Or the other person can (try) to escape.
Weapons are not permitted in the arena for this game and should be put outside of the arena. Violence is also not permitted inside while the game is happening.

The game is a nice way for Rockies to have entertainment, and for the Survivors to experience a different change of pace and take off their helmets (since the air in the arena is actually safe to breathe.)


Ah, hurling and Gaelic football, the ancient and borderline masochistic sports that make all the inhabitants of this fair green isle seem like a nation of deranged psychopaths at the dawning of the day of the All-Ireland Final as we prepare to cheer on this year's massacre in Croke Park. To quote the immortal lines of Jason Statham (an Englishman) on hurling, "This, lads, is a hurley, used in the Irish game of hurling, a cross between hockey and murder."

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There's a sort of wildcard golf in my world.
The game isn't dangerous, but it's a sort of Demon and Fae game, so watch out.

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my game is where you have to solve a puzzle about your past (about things you regret) . This is kinda meant to torture the people as the other contestants are watching and find out their deepest darkest regrets. Once they have solved the puzzle, they are let go. If they do not solve it correctly, then they get a punishment to do with their regret.
kinda crazy but whatevs lol

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I have two sports from the same world, which is populated by a race of highly-advanced foxlike creatures called the Tyallinorami. Info dump incoming lol ^^;
Mallen Pirii is a popular sport, involving a field taken up by a complex framework like a giant set of monkey bars. Young Tyallinorami play a game similar to tag on the framework, leaping from rung to rung and trying to avoid being touched my the others. Sometimes they divide into teams of two, sometimes it's all against one or one against all. Generally, once you're tagged you're out of the game. Sometimes, in a variation known as 'sway', the tagged players join the hunter and tag the others, until there's only one free player left. In formal competitions, players wear glowing ear studs that change color once the player gets tagged.
Another, more intellectual sport is a chess-like game called Rehitennyo. It's incredibly complicated, and I won't go into the details here, but basically three players take turns moving magnetic pieces around a polarized board. All the pieces are set to repel each other, which causes them to hover and ricochet off one another in a predictable pattern (if you're good at pattern-recognition). Each player gets one move per turn. The piece is set to a certain trajectory and then released. It bounces through the rest of the pieces until it hits the edge of the board. The goal of the game is to be the first player with all your pieces on the opposite side of the board from you. Rival pieces can be knocked aside, and each piece can fly around the board without stopping for a surprisingly long time. Its a very strategy-based game, and traditionally every high-born Tyallinorami learns the basic rules by the time they come of age.

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Yeah, I have one called Lucracie. Here's a direct quote from my book in one of the deleted scenes about it:

"There were two teams of six players in a game — four Curros, one Raies (the player Jonathan wanted to be), and one Mystic. The Curros were supposed to use gravitational or telekinetic magic to lift them off the ground, so it was best if they were small and strong. Once they were off the ground, they had to pass the Cherra, the smooth blue ball, to each other and try and catch it over the baseline. Catching the Cherra meant that the Curro was glued to their feet, so they had to make a smart pass to another moving Curro.

The Raies was supposed to run back and forth around the court to catch their teammates if their magic faltered, or to catch the Cherra if it fell. The Mystic was a special player who could use ice magic to freeze and un-freeze players to their advantage — but it was difficult to determine when to do so, because freezing a player would also relax and fill up their strength.

The idea of the game was to catch the Cherra over the opposing team’s baseline thirty times, earning them thirty points. If the Cherra fell past both of the Raieses, then the Cherra would be switched in for the Mirage.

The Mirage was a ball that was hard to throw, hard to catch, hard to control, and hard to keep balance while holding. If the Mirage fell — which was almost a guarantee — before fifty points, then the game ended, and whoever had the most points won. It was like a 3-D magical ultimate football-frisbee, freezing edition."

It's not violent unless the Mystics get angry and freeze too much, heheh. Not like I've ever done that before…


A sport that hinges on doing everything with grace and precision. It's a performance sport. The participant must perform a sequence of actions that aren't too difficult on their own, but will get marked on how elegant they are, how precise their movements are (e.g. how close was that turn to 360 degrees), how sharp or smooth their movement was…