forum Slight bug on discussion threads, unable to reply sometimes

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So I've only noticed this happen a couple times, but basically I'll go to post a reply to a thread and the thread will tell me I'm "not authorized" to reply to it. Even though I'm logged in and have already replied multiple times to that thread. I'm not sure, but it seems to happen more on threads I've kept up on a tab for several days. Usually I just need to refresh the tab and then post again, and then everything works. Still weird though. Just letting the world know!

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This is most likely due to some of our anti-spam code.

Every time you load any page, there's a super secret code placed on the page that your browser automatically passes back to the server to authenticate with whenever you make a post – but that code expires after a period of time (around a day or two). This prevents automated scripts from, for example, mass-posting to every thread or repeatedly spamming individual threads, but also means you will probably have to refresh tabs that have been open for a few days at a time before posting in them. Sorry about that!

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Hey! I got this error and pop-up today, except that tab had only been open for thirty minutes. For reference, I’m on an Apple phone, and I had let it fall asleep on that page for a little bit while I took my dog outside — maybe that has something to do with it?