forum Page access after Premium expires
Started by Sophie Woodenapple

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Sophie Woodenapple

I am considering purchasing the Premium version but I am wondering if I can still at least read the information I saved using "special" pages (countries, langugages, …), should I decide to stop using Premium. Thank you!

@andrew health_and_safety flash_onAdmin

Hey Sophie! Great question. I designed the site to feel as much like a personal notebook as possible, so once you've created any page, it's yours forever. This includes the premium pages: once you've created one, you'll forever have full access to view, edit, and share it however you'd like, even if you downgrade back to a free starter account in the future. The only thing that changes when you downgrade is you can't create new premium pages unless you re-upgrade, but your existing pages are yours forever. :)

Does that answer your question? Happy to answer any other questions you have, too!

Sophie Woodenapple

Hey Andrew, thank you very much for your answer! That definitely helps with the decision :)