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I wasn’t sure if maybe there’s maintenance being done on the analyzer or not but lately it’s been stuck on emotions (how fitting for a bot to get stuck on that/not be able to process that) and won’t proceed further with the analysis. It’s analyzed 100k+ documents in half the time it’s taking to do 25k, 11k, heck even 4k. It’s stuck on all three. The last analysis I got just spat out a 0 on the emotion scale and didn’t register any of the entities in my document. It seemed to be able to detect the overall feelings in the document but none of the characters. Something seems very wrong.

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It does look like there's something wrong with detecting entities right now, as we're not getting that data back from the service we use for it (IBM Watson). Not having the data was holding up the sentiment analysis queue, but those analyses should all be processed now (and I just released a quick update that'll let them through processing even if we don't detect any entities during the analysis).

Gonna have to do some investigating into what changed with their service and what we can do to get those entities back though; I really appreciate the heads up here!

@kazeharuhime ecoIllusionmaster

No problem, glad you got that fixed! That was really strange. Though it's kind of funny, it says one of the analyses took 5 minutes and it definitely did not. XD At least the others are honest about taking 11 hours. Anyways, thank you!

@kazeharuhime ecoIllusionmaster

Hm, seems like it's still not picking up any entities from my recent documents still. :/ Well, at least the analyses went through!