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Hello! I joined this site a few days ago, and since then, the things I type in the categories on character pages delete by themselves. The website says the changes were saved (I think?), but if I switch to another category or refresh the page, the entire category is reset. I just finished the "nature" category on one of my characters, but I clicked out of the tab, and it got rid of everything I typed the past 22 hours (i had closed and reopened the site beforehand). I'm not sure if there's a way I can stop it from doing this? None of my changes or text shows on the changelog either, and this happens on mobile and pc

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Hello! First of all, welcome to the site!

Secondly, this definitely shouldn't be happening, and sounds like a bug in the autosave feature. Right now, you should get a big "There was an error saving your changes. Please back up any changes and refresh the page" message if there are any issues autosaving, but it doesn't sound like that's the case for you. I'm sorry about any lost work; the changelog was built specifically to always keep a record of everything you've written so you'd always have a catch-all recovery method if anything went wrong anywhere – but in order to get added to the changelog, changes need to save in the first place.

I'll look into this and see if I can figure out what happened to make sure it doesn't happen again (for you, or anyone else). While I investigate, it'd be really helpful if I could get a few answers from you (whatever you can provide) to help narrow down the issue:

  • What browser are you using on mobile/pc?
  • Have you disabled javascript in your browser? (The autosave feature relies on javascript to work)
  • Do you have any adblockers installed in your browser? (Some of the more aggressive adblockers have blocked autosave in some situations in the past)
  • Do pages always fail to save for you? Or is it just happening sometimes and/or on some pages?

Thanks for any info you can provide. Again, this definitely shouldn't be happening and I want to make sure this gets fixed as quickly as possible. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!


-On mobile, I use safari and chrome. I use chrome on pc
-I do have JavaScript enabled
-I only have adblockers enabled on chrome, I’ll try turning that off and seeing if it helps
-It seems completely random, but the changes usually un-save when I switch tabs (on safari browser), refresh the tab, or close the tab out

I think the majority of the time, this happens on the safari browser. I can also close and reopen the site, and see all my changes saved, but they can still disappear

Thanks :)

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Thanks for the answers! I'll do more investigating today, but I did just push up a small update that should make things a little better in the meantime.

Detection of autosave failures is now way more robust (and covers things like wifi errors, requests timing out, etc) and should show a larger, more obvious error if you run into any problems. Additionally, there's now a second popup notification (after the original "Saving your changes…" one) that should give you a little more peace of mind by confirming that the changes were successfully saved. You should start seeing this immediately and should give you a little better indication of any potential problems: if you see a bunch of pending saves but no confirmation that they've saved, it should be more in your face before you continue on writing anything else.

Hope that helps for now! I'll see if I can narrow down what happened for you before, but your answers are helpful. Thank you!