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Well, what do you tend to write about/read? That's extremely helpful. Maybe provide a sample of your writing? Everyone has different writing styles that can either be extremely different or completely similar. Taking these factors into consideration is something that I recommend since they can help one decide on whether or not cowriting with you (or anyone else for that matter) would be a good idea.


Hmmm I'll try it. Here's a bit of my writing. It's a KOTLC fanfic. I usually don't do fanfics, mostly because I just have more ideas for my own worlds and characters, but I love writing everything fictional. I have a bit of dark and descriptive style of writing. I love reading too of course. Probably anything.

"Reign supposes death is a beautiful thing. The inevitability, the power, the knowing of the existence of the unknown.
Of course, it is horrendous as well. Free will ripped away, an unique life ending, the inflicted pain - targeting both the mourning living and the wishful dead.
She has never experienced a death - a rare thing for The Lost Cities, her elven world - though she lives with an aura of pain and loss, her parents suffering from much. She has heard the stories regarding the gone. Enough times to have the ability to repeat them word for word. And she is awed by them. It’s a strange thing, and anyone who knows her says so, to admire tales of pain and endings. But Reign is a member of the strange, and always has been. They’ve never worried her - her differences. She has been lucky enough, and knows it, to have her grandfather, someone who embraces her quirks and aberrations rather than shying away from them."

I'm not perfect, but I am improving!