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"Hey, I'm going out" Dorothea said grabbing her wallet out of a drawer, and swiping some keys from the wall, She took a glance to make sure Axelin wasn't doing anything he wasn't supposed to… which he was. "Oh will you sit properly, your going to break that, It was a hundred dollars off the web!"

Axelin, a brightly colored, somehow always enthusiastic demon, was sitting upside down on an old couch from a yard sale, an was something your grandma probably owned. Floral print and all. In his hands was and old gaming device, and right beside his was Dorothea's only mug full of tea, on the couch, not coffee table. "It'll be fine," he protested. I know what I'm doing."

"It will not be fine. Now put that mug on the table, you've already broken three of them."

Axeline sighed, he did not like being interrupted doing anything. Although he assumed this was better, than having to study and write a report on humans immoral actions, which he was supposed to be doing. He was a world class procrastinator.

Just Like Dorothea.

After Dorothea observed him placing the mug back on the table so he didn't immediately put it back, and he sat up, she said goodbye.

"But where are you going?"


"It's 10 o'clock at night."

"it's a 24-hour Diner, also I'm 23 I do what I want."

Axelin sat up and threw the portable-game to the side. "Can I come with?"

Dorothea groaned and dramatically flung herself against the wall. Closing her eyes and rubbed her temples thinking about it. She stopped leaning against the wall and looked at Axelin with open eyes, and groaned some more.

"I guess."

Axelin squealed with joy and jumped up from his seat, "Oh I wonder what I'm going to get."

"Well first of all change your shirt," Dorothea said looking at Axelins raggedy shirt filled with holes with disgust. All least he wasn't wearing his old pair of pants anymore, unfortunately now he's wearing her nice pair of sweat pants. "And hurry up, I'll wait in the car."


Part Two is Here!!!
Three Months Later!!!

"Really you're wearing that? It's my moms and it's like, from the nineties." Dorothea spat from behind the wheel she already had to wait fifthteen minutes for Axelin to find a shirt, and pair of shoes.

He was dressed in a sweater that the host of super-market-sweep would probably wear. and bunny slippers that she tried to hide from him underneath her bed (Axelin slept on the couch.)

"Get in we don't got all day."

"Technically we do," Axelin said settling down on the passenger seat, "It's a twenty-four diner, and it's like ten-thirty so we're fine."

"Just shut up," Dorothea said fiddling around in her purse for her keys, "Will you let me listen to my rock today or will you insist we listen to country, or disney music?"

"I have you know you like disn-"

"no-i-don't" Dorothea said all to fast, to actually be believable. "Now shut your mouth, I'm playing my rock, now strap in lets go get some food."

It took them a ten minute drive to make it to the diner. It was a small place that used to be a train station, but was somehow converted into a three dining area, two bathrooms, and one kitchen, twenty-four hour diner, that's most famous meal was a chili that had won three awards on…

that no one ate.

"Can I please get that?"

"No they're chilli fucking sucks." Dorothea said dragging Axelin over to the diner area that was full of booths. There was only five people sitting in the area, with included our main two. However it was 10 o clock pm, and people have much better things to do. Like sleep.

However Dorothea was basically immune to sleep and fell alseep around, never, except for the occasional passing out.

"Can I eat that?" Axelin asked, settling into the booth.

"No that's a plant." It was a fake bonsai tree.

"At demon diners we just eat random shit, like the table, at least I know not to do that in the human world now."

"Yah there's still a bite, in it."

"Oh well," Axelin said grabbing a menu and nibbling on the corner of it.

Dorthea yanked the menu from his mouth and bonding it on his head. "I'll do the ordering. You will most kindly shut your fucking mouth and not open it until food is here."

"What's the magic word."