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I think a good basis for a sword between those two categories would be a sword that has a thin blade, is somewhat shiny, and has at least a little technology on it (wires, batteries, etc.). That's the best I can think of.

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You could have weapons that retract into the handle, making them smaller and easier to hide, if need be. Say you have a sword, when it's retracted it looks like just a sword hilt - or maybe just the handle itself, but when the blade is extended, it looks like a typical steel sword.

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What about regular guns, but physically attached to a character? Like an extension that is embedded in them. Say someone can open their chest cavity, and launch rockets, or someone's arm could extend and be a shield. Idk, that's probably really weird


I’ve been having the same problems!!!
I love the ‘battery’ sword lol
I’ve been going for sci-fi look in my story, but love the medieval feel

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People could wear bracers that have an installed weapon, like a blaster or laser, maybe even an energy blade.