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One tip: Having a limb replaced by a metal counterpart will in no way grant your character super strength. Like, at all.

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Cyborgs are easy to write if you consider a few things…

  1. Their mechanical parts most likely have virtually unlimited stamina, unless they break or in some cases (if this is a factor) need to be recharged. You don't expect anyone to say "oh, my metal limb is tired" or something
  2. They CAN have superhuman strength, scientists are developing artificial "robotic muscles" that can throw things with superhuman strength, and while it's only throwing at the moment, similar actions include catching, punching, pushing and pulling. They even have fingers made that can bend things with superhuman strength and have inhuman grip strength too! Add hydraulics and more mobile joints and there you go!
  3. Superhuman agility isn't impossible either, as simply making the joints more flexible, and adding gyroscopic stability type stuff (the name escapes me) will allow for better balance.
  4. Maybe multitools and weapons, but superhuman physical attribute and weapons is a stretch.


I’m looking for ideas on special abilities my war machine can have. It’s able to move and control itself i just can’t think of ways to make it extra powerful

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Deus Ex Machina, NieR: Automata, and Dragon Ball all have characters that are mostly (or even all) machine. They could provide some useful insight. Even movies like Robocop (the old one) certainly dealt with the issue of being more man than machine and vice versa.