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Hi, everyone! I'm L.C! Nice to meet you (Or see you again! ^u^)

I think this might apply to this category! Would anyone be able to help me brainstorm for an education system for children learning magic? There are a couple things that I have already. But any new ideas are welcomed!

Ideas so far:
  • It'd have to be secret or mostly secret. Anyone who hasn't worked in or been in the system would not know about it. This is of high importance given that mages are despised in this world. Like… put in jail and executed the next day kind of despised.
  • It would probably have to be concealed easily, for the same reasons as above but also the fact that there are government-hired soldiers trained specifically to seek out and detain anyone they suspect of using magic. And most of them are not afraid to detain children as well.
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As I said, any ideas are welcome. Considering that's all I have for now, new ideas are actually needed desperately… :'D

Thanks in advance for anything you can help out with!



What about, like, after school clubs, sorta an underground type thing, that are in secret and/or changing locations to keep everyone safe? Magic using administrators select kids with magic from normal kids, inviting them to these things?

Or maybe forums online? If you have whatever the magic genes are, you might get a link or invitation or something to a forum for learning magic use?


What if it was underwater so place that was nearly impossible to reach without the use of magic.
So you could have mages who wander around finding other magicians and escorting them down.
That would be cool, but probably quite suspicious as well.