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Started by Becca

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For this elitist society, it is Utopian. The school would be senior from say 15-18, but it would be massive too. Very modern and Sci Fi, so hovering stuff and all that too!


Well I would look into getting ideas from school buildings, mainly universities for more futuristic architect. Ideas for schools could be having the highest floor filled with exotic plants that makes the building have fresh clean air, teachers could have the whole classroom with holograms for teaching (Like showing time periods and simulations). The color white is a huge symbol of purity so uniforms for the school could represent that, or the whole building could be white itself. I would recommend checking out websites for help.


When it comes to anything "futuristic" we consider a lot of advanced high-leveled tech, usually thats what people only think about, but don't don't forget its "us" who's making the future so in all honesty you can make up what "future" kinda preference you want. Best inspo would be countries who are aiming for such high-tech future like U.A.E aka dubai (which is where i live fun fact, which you don't need) this year we were supposed to have expo2020 which was supposed to be a HUGE gate opener to future tech opened to all countried so yeah it was gonna be a big thing (till the pandemic knocked in & said hi), so i suggest you go check that out. Another thing, when it comes to the environment nowadays we aim for clean and green right? not to mention you should add a sense of simplicity or minimalism which are trends for modern houses these days, when i think of the future it think of a lot of space (if that makes sense) like a very airy room where everything is perfected into place, like there's not a lot of furniture going around or just simple.