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"I mistook your clothes at the laundromat for mine, but hey you have some really cool shirts…"

"Imagine person A takes person B out for valentines day as friends, since person A's plans got cancelled, and person A realizes they would rather be out with person B in the first place."

"Your parents are suing my parents over a property line and hey I didn't know I had a hot neighbor, why hello there!"

"Your my neighbor and the whole neighborhood got 6 inches of snow, and I caught you building a snowman, so I decided to join you by starting a snowball fight."

"If you set off ONE more firework at 3 AM I will FIGHT YOU."

"Hi brand new neighbor, I know you don't know me but you smiled at me the other day, and you seem really nice, can you help me kill the giant spider in my kitchen? I'll reward you with food."

“We’re room mates, and you walk in on me listening to loud ass music and crying over a broken heart and have no idea what to do since we just met a week ago.”

(And then message me in pms. Feel free to use these prompts as well!)

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Nevermind I just realized that it's you and we are already doing an rp