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So for my story, one of the subplots its that mc2 slowly starts to fall in love with mc1, but Im not sure exactly how to do that without making it feel quick and forced. I have a general idea, but I want to make it feel as natural as possible.
Any tips are appreciated!


here are some questions to think about….
1) how do your characters meet?
2) what is the main plot? is it a story based around them falling in love? or is it a story about them doing stuff and they fall in love on the side of the main plot?
3a)what type of relationship do they build? one where they think they are friends but as the story progresses they find marks of love in each other? one where they are mortal enemies but they are forced to work with each other? or just love at first sight type situation?

All of these questions will help you understand their relationship better. this allows you to accurately wright thier romance story.

If you want more input, just let me know : ) (BTW it would be easier to give input if I new the plot and characters, but you dont have to tell me)

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so I was thinking kind of like this, your characters become/ are friends and one slowly starts to fall for the other. They confess and the other kind of runs away shocked, but slowly gives in to the fact that they also have feelings. Their relationship stays secret and they meet in secret as much as they can before someone finds out.