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In the year 2082, humans and vampires co-exist for better or worse. Of course there are laws, rules, companies, services and organizations like the VHIPA who make sure everything is okay. It rarely ever is, but humans and vampires alike try their best. There are companies who run businesses that sell blood packaged in juice boxes and bottles or even synthesized into jelly snacks. Of course there's blood donations where vampires get rations.

The Crimson Sect, a "secret society" are a primary example of this. They are mysterious down to the basics. Normally vampires don't stay together in such tight groups for long nor do many these days commit acts of serial killings and terror. They've been around for a hundred years, yet have been inactive since five high ranking members were arrested.

The VHIPA (Vampires and Humans International Protection Agency) is an intergovernmental organization that provides for humans and vampires alike; they are the ones who maintain the order. They work alongside local and federal agencies.

When 30 people go missing in three years, they have to pull all the strings to solve this mystery. People are pointing fingers at everybody, and the government wants this solved now.

With one agent from the VHIPA (a new vampire), one forensic specialist from the city (vampire turned in 1924), and a former Crimson Sect member held in prison (vampire turned in 1605), all the government can hope is that they find the answers.

In the bustling city of Cagnol with an underworld where vampires never sleep, the three will have to band together and overcome differences in order to find the missing 30 before more follow their unknown fates.

Notes: All vampires can go out in sunlight, but it does weaken their other abilities. With their smelling, they will know a human's (and sometimes vampire's) status of health, gender, and age. They cannot turn into bats or other creatures, but they can walk on walls and fly. The duration of how long they can do both depends on their age.

Also things like garlic and silver still have a negative affect on them. (There are alternative products designed for vampires.) Crosses tend to not have any affect on vampires, but there tends to be cases where holy water will cause a negative reaction. All of this comes into play depending on the age of a particular vampire.

Key terms

• Crimson Sect: Secret society for vampires in the global criminal underworld. Often believed to be a cult.
• Cagnol: A city in northern New York that is basically like NYC except it is home to one of the VHIPA's main headquarters.
• Vampires and Humans International Protection Agency (VHIPA): An (obviously) international agency whose goal is to protect humans and vampires alike. Not only do they work with local and federal governments/agencies, but they also work with corporations to create necessities for vampires like juice boxes with flood, blood fused jelly snacks, and even proper medical supplies. Basically are a government in their own right, yet they don't admit it.


  • FYI: This is a sci-fi dystopian-esque vampire rp so there will be mentions of blood, gore, violence, and all that jazz.
  • Sexy times will be skipped over. Mentions are okay though.
  • Andrew's rules
  • Three detailed paragraphs per response (but it's cool if you can only do one)
  • Be cool to others OOC. It's fine if you aren't in rp, but you have to be OOC.
  • As stated there are three roles: one agent from the VHIPA (a new vampire), one forensic specialist from the city (vampire turned in 1924), and a former Crimson Sect member held in prison (vampire turned in 1532). I'll be the last one.
  • Side note to last point: your character can be from anywhere in the world and of any gender/sexuality. It's all good.
  • I don't know what else to say. Have fun, ask any questions, give ideas if you want, and yeah, that's it. :)

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(three questions- I'm guessing the aging thing applies to these vampires, so what would be old/young for them? Also, do they stop aging once they turn? And, since I am the forensic specialist, am I still in the job or am I just knowledgeable on the subject?)

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(1: The coloring of their eyes, the older the darker the irises get. The older they are, the more sensitive they are in sunlight. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if it does or not. 2: They do stop aging when they turn. So if they're 25 when they turned, they'll look and have the body of 25 year old them forever. 3: I'd say both in the job and knowledgeable on the subject. Sorry for any confusion. <3)

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Name: Rafael Báthory
Role: Former Crimson Sect member
Age: 502
Year Turned: 1605
Gender/Pronouns: Cis-male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: Of course a vampire's apperance never really changes, but Rafael is forever twenty-five. His body is nothing but some muscles and scars that show his past, even though it's muddled in mystery. Rafael's sharp sculptured features make him appear a bit more older than he is. His 6'3" height along with his muscular inverted triangular body also gives into this fact. Rafael has chin-length medium brown hair with a pushed back long style that shapes his oval face. It stays neat for the better part, though it is feasible for a strand or two to fall out of place. On his back are scars from whips and there are even scars on the left side of his abdomen. Then of course, there are two puncture wounds on the left side of his neck.
Personality: Whoever he was when he was human didn't translate over to when he became a vampire, but remnants remain. Rafael is not one to step back and let things happen. Despite his constant urge to jump to action, he does enjoy sitting back and watching from afar. Rafael is actually a great listener. Even when you don't think he is, chances are he might be. Sometimes he'll only need one word and he'll jump into action. Regardless, he will not admit that he cares. Never ever.

He does care, a lot, but any sense of care or compassion is six feet under. Or if anything, it'll pass over his head. Because his focus has been centered on things like strength, emotional fortitude, and even bring flirtatious, he isn't aware of when he is vulnerable or when he expresses a "good" trait. It's clearly possible. At least regardless of his past, he has always been loyal tho those he thinks deserve it.
Background: A lot of his background is unknown or forgotten; hell, the name he goes by isn't his original name. Born somewhere in modern day Hungary around 1507, Rafael was born to servants of the Báthory family. The VHIPA file theorizes that he had a mother, father, and two younger sisters. He also had a "wife", daughter, and a son. The son would be born after he turned.

Though given his background, Rafael was quite the intelligent man. He always stood up for others, even when having to face severe punishments. When his one younger sister disappeared after personally serving Countess Báthory, Rafael took it upon himself to investigate. When he catches the countess in the act of biting a young girl, he ends up being the next one in a heartbeat.

What surprised him was that he was alive after dying, and everything in his body felt different. Knowing that staying would be dangerous for his family, he left the castle and ran off to a nearby village. He never went back, but he tried to protect those he loved from far. Eventually it became impossible, yet it is something that he cannot accept even to this day.

Rafael spent centuries either traveling or in a deep sleep. He went spent time all over Europe. Sometimes he traveled to certain areas of the world because he was curious while other times went to certain parts because it was easier to be there without suspicions. Obviously the world had changed and people began to coexist with vampires.

He ended up permanently moving to America in 2066 then becoming a critical member of the Crimson Sect. Rafael was arrested by the VHIPA in late 2081 after being betrayed by fellow members for reasons unknown. No he hasn't given anyone information and yes, he just wants to sleep and get out of his cell.
Other: Rafael is a little bit of an old soul. Nevertheless, he still a curious individual who enjoys learning something new for better or worse.

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(1: The coloring of their eyes, the older the darker the irises get. The older they are, the more sensitive they are in sunlight. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if it does or not. 2: They do stop aging when they turn. So if they're 25 when they turned, they'll look and have the body of 25 year old them forever. 3: I'd say both in the job and knowledgeable on the subject. Sorry for any confusion. <3)

(thanks, this helps a lot :))


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Name: Avital Sagire
Role: forensic specialist
Age: 188
Year Turned: 1924
Gender/Pronouns: Neutral, they/them
Sexuality: Bisexual (prefers women)

Appearance: Avital looks androgynous in their presentation and physical features, though is slightly feminine. Since they are quite young for a vampire, their eyes are a lightish brown with a monolid shape. Before they were turned their eyes were black. Their dark, deep brown hair is short and reaches below their chin but slightly above their shoulders. They don't try to present themselves in public all that much, usually wearing casual clothing unless at work, to which they are actually quite formal. Their skin is olive-toned but sort of pale. They are 5'9.

Personality: Avital gives an air of being jaded despite their youth. They often look bored and sometimes agitated. They resent their lack of memories during their earlier years, the most distinct one they have is being turned. They also tend to overanalyze others' body language and speech, and their surroundings in general to the point where it looks like they are distracted. Because of this they want to become more social, even if it's difficult for them. Adding on to their anguished disposition, they seem insincere in their attempt to be more outward; it can- and will- cause conflict. Even if they are very perceptive they also have difficulty with empathy, another thing they're working on.

Background: Avital hardly remembers most of their life up until when they were about twenty-eight, but even then it is washed over with a fuzziness in memory. They worked low-paying jobs up until a few months after being turned. Avital became a vampire in 1924 in their own home, in an attempt to investigate a person's silhouette in the yard. When a man had asked for a place to stay for the night, they complied, unaware of his intentions. Afterwards, in denial, they tried (very obviously) to hide their vampirism to and keep their life the way it was. Ultimately unprepared for change, and still is. Since then, however, they have grown to accept it and is generally just trying to turn their life around.

Other: None right now! Tell me if I should add more, I know it's kind of short. And also tell me if I should make edits.

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Name: Crowley "Crow" Morton
Role: VHIPA Member
Age: 22
Year Turned: 2081
Gender/Pronouns: Cis male, He/him
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: 6'0" with a deceptively thin frame and fair skin. Crow's hair is ginger and tightly curled, the ends splaying over his forehead whenever he ducks his head, and it is cropped much more closely to his scalp near his ears and nape. He has a few freckles, but nothing near the scope of most natural gingers (because he isn't one). Crow proudly boasts a few freckles in particular that closely resemble the constellation for Leo—his birth sign—spanning directly over his nose and between two very bright, ruby red eyes. Those same eyes are framed by thin, round-rimmed glasses that used to help him to see, but are now purely for aesthetic and sentimental value.

His face is soft and very youthful; however, his cheekbones are high and defined, and his jawline sharp. He has a black lip ring, a simple nose stud that alternates between a mock silver crescent moon and a mock silver bat, and multiple more ear piercings that all vary depending on his mood for the day. Crow also has a tattoo behind his ear (a spitting black cat), as well as a collection of seven minimalistic crows tattooed on his forearm that are splashed in a light blue and pink watercolor scheme. (Seven for a secret never to be told…)

In regards to scars, his most notable is, by far, the fang imprints left on his lower neck when he was turned. He also has a deep silver scar on the tip of his thumb, where he almost cut it off with a knife while preparing a bagel, as well as another on the inside of his forearm where he broke his arm when he was fifteen.

Personality: Generally comes off as very goofy and unserious, but wickedly observant and intelligent under that initial demeanor. He has a hard time seeing the smaller picture, so focused on his long-term goals that it can get in the way of his empathy. That does not, however, mean he lacks empathy. If anything, his rocky transition from human to vampire has only strengthened his determination to protect and provide for those who need it, 'cause that shit is hard.

Because he's a baby vampire, he's had to get used to not being taken seriously by the older, more powerful ones. When challenged, he closes himself off and reverts to being a smart-ass, though he’s careful to never push too far for fear of the consequences.
Background: Crowley grew up with an obsession with vampires. He idolized them, his childhood self easily falling for all the positive propaganda that had begun to surface with organizations like the VHIPA. While his mother found it amusing and catered to his interest in vampire-themed movies, toys, and birthday parties, his father was against it from the start. He tolerated it at first, but when Crowley’s interest persisted into his pre-teen years, he decided to stop it by completely destroying all of his vampire-related possessions.

Crowley was absolutely heartbroken. In fear of upsetting his father any further, he was forced to move on from his open infatuation with the other species. It didn’t stop his admiration for them, however.

Years passed, Crowley graduated high school, and he moved on to college to focus on a degree in Vampire-Human relations (with a minor in Computer Science). He was ecstatic to find out his classes were mixed, and he was finally being given the chance to interact with real vampires on equal grounds.

Unfortunately, not all the vampires were as enthusiastic to be mixed with humans as he was. One group, in particular, took advantage of Crowley’s interest in them to manipulate him into being their errand boy. In return, they’d introduce him to bits of vampire culture once a week.

After months of this, Crowley finally grew fed up with how he was being treated and demanded that they treat him like an equal.

They seemed to consider this and came to the decision to officially accept him into their group. All he had to do first was go through a bit of “hazing”—which turned out to be a brutal, humiliating attack that ended with Crowley turning into one of them.

Crowley soon after reported them to the police, and all four of them were appropriately dealt with. As for Crowley, he left school for months to adjust until he felt stable enough to return and finish out his degree. He was no longer accepted in his family home because of his father's (who seemed to believe Crowley had gotten himself turned intentionally) violent demeanor towards his now-immortal self.

As thanks to VHIPA for ensuring his survival and smooth transition during those rough times, Crowley decided to join their forces as a way to work towards abolishing the still rampant discrimination between some vampires and humans.

Other: N/A atm. Let me know if I need to change anything!

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(No I love Avital and Crow so much! Also the fact that all three are bisexual too makes my bi ass so happy.)

(I'll post a starter soon. I was thinking we'll begin with Rafael waiting in an interrogation room then Avital and Crow come in and the three of them talk about the mission/plan.)

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(I think not yet, but they'll all get to know each other.)

Vampires are strange, but what is something even more strange than vampires? Having a vampire in a prison cell with bright lights on 24/7. It has been six months and Rafael has been trying to find a way out. But in a cell that is basically a whole room with glass separating him from the chances of escaping, he doesn't have many options. He gave up after four months. Really, he thought that he would have be in here for centuries.

So when he heard a beeping sound then a door opening, it sent thousands of questions to his mind. Who is it? Why is someone bothering him? Why are they here? Does this mean he has a chance of getting out of here?

Rafael wanted to say something or stir up conversation with the two guards, but neither of them acknowledged him. It was like he was invisible. One of them just took his wrist, putting on a thin black bracelet. A tracker.

They led him out of the cell down the hallway. Must have taken them a couple of minutes before the guards ushered Rafael into an interrogation room. The whole room was plain white except for the chairs and table which were a shade of gray. Before he could say anything, the door closed and he was all alone again.

In his peripherals, he noticed the tinted window on the left wall. From what he has learned from the last five interviews he's wasted time with, there's a room on the other side where VHIPA just sit there and watch. Rafael sighed, his eyes narrowed. Is anyone on the other side right now?

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Avital was lead to what they recognized as an interrogation room. They adjusted their collar and entered, the door closing behind them. There he was, sure enough; Rafael Báthory. Avital studied him for a moment and glanced back at the door behind them. No one else yet. "Good evening. Rafael Báthory?" They asked, even if they'd never forget a name. "I am Avital Sagire, forensic." They were already sick of this formal speech. This never went anywhere. Ask questions and get an answer, In and out, a route unconventional and therefore unsuspected. Of course, when you're casual, they think you're threatening… but better than the flat-out trick questions Avital had seen. They suddenly pulled up a chair and sat, hands on knees, their dark hair falling in front of their face. The conventional method wouldn't salvage their job, it never did.

"What do you know of the missing reports throughout the last thirty-four, thirty-six months? By the time whoever else is supposed to be here arrives, I want information. I want all you know, which I'm sure is something." Avital glanced at the man's tracker, then at the window out of which they assumed people watched. They extracted a notepad, to at least seem sort of professional or up to code.

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(Just to clarify, is Crow supposed to be behind the glass, observing, or in the room with the other two? Just want to make sure before I write!!)