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A group of characters all join together during the apocalypse and make a surprisingly good team. However not one of them will talk about their mysterious pasts.

It is up to you to decide what your character's mysterious past is and why they won't talk about it. It can be as silly or as serious as you want it, just make it mostly believable. The character's background should affect something about how they act. The other characters should be able to eventually guess that something is up.
You'll have to pm me your character's background so that none of them overlap. I just need a brief overview, you don't need to get into details. If you want to, you can make your character and another person's character's backgrounds intertwined. Maybe they're ex's and pretending they don't know each other, idk. Make sure you pm the other person and get their permission and let me know your plan.

We will decide as a group what type of apocalypse our characters are living through. This will not be a fantasy rp. It will be all real-life (except for the apocalypse part of course). So no magic or anything like that.

  1. I will not be super active so I won't expect you to be either. We'll try not to let it die, but don't expect me to be active all the time. I will try to post at least once a day but I can't make nay promises. I will expect the same from you.
  2. Please try to write at least 2-3 sentences. Try and limit your one liners. I get when there's dialougue you have to use them sometimes, but try and give detalied responses that other rpers can work off of.
  3. Be respectful of your fellow rpers.
  4. This may deal with some mature themes. Please be prepared for that
  5. 16+ please unless we're friends. Sorry.
  6. No smut. If you must do that, take it to the pms. Romance is allowed, but try not to plan it out too much beforehand.
  7. There should be conflict. Conflict is what drives a story. Be nice to your fellow writers, but not every character is going to just get along.
  8. Swearing is fine.

And that's it! If you have any questions, just ask, I'm sure I didn't explain this the best.

@Moxie group

(I think I’ve rped with all of you before except Mosis. Mosis would you mind posting a sample or linking a recent rp you’ve been in? Everyone else, you’re good! I’ll post a character template asap!)

@Moxie group

(You don’t have to have sent me your background to post your completed template but you do have to do it before the rp starts)

Gender and pronouns:
Appearance (including what they wear):
Did you send Moxie your background?:


(Since Marcus's usual spot at the library had been taken, he decided to read in the courtyard. He wasn't a big fan of the crowded yard but the weather was nice and he liked nature. He walked through the halls, already reading one of his books. The courtyard was crowded as usual and the loud chatter rang through Marcus's ears. As he walked around trying to decide on a place to sit, he heard his name. He turned and saw a messy-haired boy with what appeared to be his spells book. The boy was with a group of other kids and they seemed to be arguing. Marcus didn't want to interrupt them but he was determined to retrieve his book.)

@Mosis_Is_Here language

Alex's hair was a mess. He was up all night studying for the magic test. Don't fall asleep…at least not in the hallways. Alex thought, half asleep. He decided to go to the courtyard to practice magic. My wand- Where's my- He thought, getting cut off by the speaker system, ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS: THE MAGIC TEST WILL BE TODAY AT MR. BRAL'S CLASS AT 8:40. IF YOU DONT ATTEND, YOU WILL GET A 0. THANK YOU Alex sighed. All he does is lift a feather. ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT: DORM MATES WILL BE CHOSEN BY THE RANK OF THE PERSON. THANK YOU
"My third year here. Probably going to be Dorm mates With headmaster" One of the student's joke. Alex didn't care. He got his wand and finally got to the courtyard. He sat by a tree and Opened his spellbook. ot dehcatta erew uoy eno eht ekil ylf He said the spell quietly. A small spark flew out of the wand and the second it hit the fether it started to fly.

@Moxie group

Name: Issac Moreno
Age: 32
Gender and pronouns: Male, he/him
Sexuality: Probably bisexual
Appearance (including what they wear): Dark hair, thats short on the sides but a little bit longer on the top. Usually messy and a little spikey. Strong nose, andgled jaw. Black stubble. Smallish, brown eyes. Medium-brown skin tone. 5'11. Strong, muscular physique (but not like a body builder). Wears dusty black or dark green pants, black combat boots, dark flannel/button up shirts under black t-shirts, and a long black coat and leather gloves.
Personality: Very princpled and restrained. Doesn't show a lot of emotion, especially not revealing ones. Tries to be good and does the right thing out of a fear of being evil. Simply will not partake in activies that he sees as wrong. He's a pretty good leader when he needs to be. Can be too judgemental and hold others to his own impossible standards at times. He is not good at compromising. Not good at relaxing.
Did you send Moxie your background?: Didn't have to, but I do know what it is
Likes: Music, coffee, snow
Dislikes: Being out of control, really hot weather, animals/pets in general
Shipping?: Uhhhh sure
Other: I don't think so

@The-Tower group

Name: Xerulien Gravestone
Age: 24
Gender and pronouns: Female, She/Her
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance (including what they wear): Xerulien has long straight hair that was dyed blue but has faded to green and she keeps it up in a ponytail. She's around 5'6 in height, on the skinny side for her age, and has a rather pale, almost sickly complexion. There are large dark circles underneath her round, moss green eyes, and freckles all over her cheeks and nose that she usually keeps hidden with her mask. She has a soft jawline and slightly defined cheekbones, full lips and a button nose.
I've summed up the clothing like this because I think it will be a lot easier. Inside the rucksack she has two paracords, a pocket knife, a couple of extra pairs of socks, some protein bars, a water bottle, a compass, matches and a torch. I think that's all…?
Personality: Xerulien is an all round optimist who tries her best to keep morale high in those around her. She doesn't like to get involved in conflict and is actually pretty harmless rather than just peaceful. When faced with a situation where she would either have to kill or be killed, she will run as fast as she can until she either escapes the danger or is killed.
Did you send Moxie your background?: (Nope but I will have that sent momentarily)
Likes: Dancing, making friends, thinking of positive things, making sure everyone around her is safe and happy.
Dislikes: People who are manipulative and controlling, unnecessary violence, people pulling her hair.
Shipping?: Yessssssssss always!!
Other: She is physically weaker than most people but her agility and stamina makes up for it.