forum The dark side of the moon ( necromancer RP, gay? Romance if wanted )
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Okay! So this is a necro Rp. The term for necromancer is a person who practices magic or black magic involving communication with the dead.

Nicknames/ Alias:
Clothing option: ( images welcomes)


Name: kyro
Nicknames/ Alias: Ky
Looks: a darker blonde, fair-skinned, tanned. Strong jaw line and a muscular body shape
Personality: uptight and learning until you know him, then he's just caring
Height: 6’0”
Clothing option: ( images welcomes)
Extra: he hates it when people call him overprotective of the mortals. He's also mute. Any time he's signing it will look like this hi, or he’ll write in his book and show it to you

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Name: Felix
Nicknames/ Alias: Felix (you can come up with some ig)
Looks: Platinum blonde(white), semi-pale, looks like a small innocent person.
Personality: Quiet and determined, a bit shy but energetic and kind once you get to know him
Height: 5'4
Clothing option: ( images welcomes) Anything black.
Extra: He is small and often overlooked. And hates when people don't treat him with respect.


Kyro sat on the bench outside his dorm complex, watching the stars. He’d always been so fascinated by them. He breathed in the cold night air, even with the snow on the ground he never felt a bit of the nip of the cold. The boy was a necromancer, his teacher taught this magic to him and even gained him immortality. Though the power came with a price, sight sound or even speech, choosing a weakness for your power was the rule. He chose his speech, at the time he never really talked to anyone nor did he talk very loud when he did. Now he just kept a book to write with with him at all times or he'd sign to his closest friends.