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Adela Sheppard has suffered great loss at the hands of Captain Jean Foccard, and she is ready to take revenge. Now she needs a new crew to go with her new ship. She's got fire in her chest and two days in Port Royal to find her crew before she can take her revenge by stealing Captain Foccard most prized treasure from him, famed to be worth more than your wildest dreams.

Hello, welcome, I hope you love pirates as much as I do. Basically my character has a lot of experience with pirating and is now the captain of a ship and is looking for a crew so she can get revenge on Captain Foccard. She will find all of your characters in Port Royal and will recruit them for her crew. If anyone needs a list of possible roles your character can fill on a ship, let me know. So far we already have a first mate

This is also a continuation of a previous rp. As of right now, there are only two other people from the original rp, which I'll link below. Please read the intro and my character's interaction with the other two participants's characters. We'll go more or less from where the rp left off.

One more thing: I wouldn't be able to be super active. My goal is to post at least 1-3 times a week, it might be more, it might be less. I would expect everyone to be around the same level.

Now the fun stuff.

Andrew's Rules

  1. Be nice to your fellow rp-ers.
  2. Please make your characters diverse and interesting. Piratesweren't just straight white men.
  3. Romance is okay, just don't plan it, let it happen. If you must do something saucy please take it to pms.
  4. I can prohibit you from joining for any reason and it may simply be because your writing style isn't right for this rp. If I haven't rp-ed with you recently, I may ask you to provide me with a sample of your writing or a link to a recent rp you were/are in.
  5. Please ask me before joining and/or making any big plot decisions (you can pm me about those)
  6. Please give long, detailed replies. No one-liners
  7. I've heard different things about how much lgbtq people were accepted by pirates, but we're just gonna say pirates in this time were really accepting.
  8. I have the right to and probably will add on to these.

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Appearance (including clothing):
Background (optional):
Other (optional):

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(Hmmm… Pirates. Never done a pirate rp, so call me interested! Do you require a sample?)

@Moxie group

(Also to you and Ash: I just included the link in the description. Please read the parts I asked you to read sometime before we start)

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(Context: This is the introduction of one of my characters in a character chat. If you want me to cut down on the paragraphs, I can gladly do so.)

A middle-aged woman emerges from the thick of the woods in a bright yellow burst. Her long brown hair pools down to her hips where two SIG P226s rested on each side. Looking at her hands, where the small remainder of the yellow pulse she came from, the woman smiled faintly, wrinkles creasing under her eyes.

"I guess he still looks after me after all." The female puts her hand in her pocket for a second, remembering something distant before returning to the situation, smirking a bit at the bear.

"Thame's Ice Bear, huh? Really could have named it better, am I right?" The New York accent from the female was faint, hinting to where she called home, when really she had called lots of places home once. She couldn't imagine her life without Him revealing a sliver of the universe's secrets.

"Let's get rid of the beastie, aight? Don't want you people to die now." Unholstering the Sauer pistols, the woman smirked as she fired twice at the beasts left side, only one of the shots piercing through the bear's icy fur. A small trickle of silver blood oozed out.

"You there! Draconian! Aim for its underbelly! I'll keep it distracted!" She closed her eyes and a surge of golden energy bursted from the woman once again, but this was different from before. It seemed like the energy of gold was swirling around her, like she was the eye of a golden hurricane.

C'mon… where are you? No… No… No… Ah yes! There! In her head and the bear's, the newcomer held part of the bear's conscious using an ability she was able to finally master after 32 years. The bear in the forest let out a howl of both rage and pain, more of the silver blood pooling out of the beast's mouth, as it continued to charge to the hunter who killed their family.

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Name: Adela Sheppard
Age: 24
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Angry and ruthless. Doesn’t care who she hurts to get what she wants. However, she is not sloppy and she doesn’t let her anger blind her. Very precise and careful with everything except feelings. Tries to distance herself from new people. Likes to make her own decisions. Evasive and sarcastic when she’s mad or upset.
Appearance (including clothing): Long, curly hair. Deep brown at the roots and gets lighter towards the ends. Usually braided. Tanned skin. Tall and fit. Super calloused hands and feet. Thin neck. Nice jawline, but not super angled. Light freckles across her face. Angled nose. Thin, sharp eyebrows. Brown eyes. Fairly tall. She's got a thin, white scar that goes horizontally across her neck. Wears a white tunic with long, puffy sleeves, a waistcoat, breeches, baldric, a long, leather, deep burgundy coat, a leather tricorn hat, boots, and one pearl earring.
Talents: Tying knots, sailing, bird calls, reading the stars
Motivations: Revenge, mostly
Background (optional): I'll reveal this later. Don't know why I put this category
Other (optional):

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(Oh goodness I have to make a character, don't I? hjhhjhjhhjhjjhjhhhhh… I'll get it done by today.)

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(Lol good luck! it's okay, I've been rping for a long time and filling out the character sheet is always the hardest part for me. If you need help with appearance if you search like "pirate character inspiration" or something like that on pinterest, it can be pretty helpful.)


(:D hey Moxie!! Is it alright if I use two characters (adding a new one while keeping the old one) or nah?)

(Yeah, no problem!)

(:D thanks! Okay another question: the second character I have in mind has a 2 year old son that would be with her, is that alright or should I pick another character? I don't mind using another character if you'd rather not have a baby on board the ship, so feel free to say no if you need to or want to)

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(I mean things will get pretty dangerous and Adela might be a little skeptical at first but I don't see why not. I think that would be adorable)

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Name: Lio Armandez
Age: 22
Pronouns: He/him
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Lio has a mischievous personality, stealing one's valuables as revenge should they cross him. He can also be impatient some times, and likes to flaunt expensive items he bought with the jewels and gold that he has stolen. However, he is still a very happy person and cares for the people he loves. According to some, he radiates joy.
Appearance (including clothing): Lio has soft brown skin with dozens of dark braids that hang down his back. He prefers to keep his hair like that as he looks rather feminine if he has his hair loose. He's tall, athletic, with a good muscular build. His eyes are a bright amber that appear golden in the sunlight. As for clothing… Just think of a genderbend Esmeralda
Talents: Thievery, playing music, smelling the weather.
Motivations: Money, friends, a home.
Background (optional): All shall be revealed!
Other (optional): ——

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Name: Peregrine Dracule
Age: 17
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Lesbian
Personality: Peregrine's very prideful and stoic, she rarely ever shows much emotion. She's a quick thinker, especially in battle. She's also a very free spirit, and doesn't like being kept in one place for too long.
Appearance: Peregrine is 5'9 and slightly muscular, with long arms and legs. She's got long, straight black hair that grows down to just above her waist, and bangs that grow down to her eyes. Peregrine is very pale, and has sharp, yellow eyes. She usually wears men's clothing, almost always a white poet's shirt and black pants, with tall boots. She always has her sword by her side, in its black and red sheath.
Talents: Swordfighting, sailing, cooking
Motivations: Honor, winning
Background: It'll be revealed later in the story! Possibly.
Other: She has a girlfriend, Estella, who she writes to whenever she can.


Name: Andre Waylon
Age: 21
Pronouns: He/Him, Male
Sexuality: Bi, leans towards guys tho
Personality: (most is TBD sorry) Andre can be very dramatic, on occasion, though he also does a very good job of hiding his secrets. He flip flops between hardhearted and kind, and can be merciful to some, but also can be very cruel and cold.
Appearance: Andre is of about average height, with a slim, well-muscled build. He has fair skin, with a light tan and freckles dotted across his cheeks and shoulders. He has curly, long-ish brown hair (Kinda like Matthew Clavane, if you know who that is). His eyes are a green/blue color, rather like the sea itself. They turn darker when he uses his magic. He typically wears a loose, cream colored shirt, or a dark jacket, sometimes both at the same time, along with dark pants. His left ear is pierced, though he doesn't always wear an earring in it. He has dimples when he smiles. He wears a signet ring on his left hand, though he never tells anyone who's signet it is.
Talents: Talking his way out of situations; sword fighting; writing; singing;
Motivations: money; freedom; love;
Background (optional): most of it is TBD, sorry
Other (optional): slight Shadow magic

Name: Althea Ocie Carswell; James Carswell
Age: 25; 2
Pronouns: She/her; he/him
Sexuality: Pan; no
Personality: Thea: big mom energy. Very loving and sweet, and does her best to look after everyone on the crew, especially the younger ones or more damaged ones, along with her son. Very gentle towards those she knows, but big mama bear when it comes to protecting people that she cares about. James: is baby, not much personality yet. Very giggly and happy tho
Appearance (including clothing): Althea: Slim, with brown hair and brown eyes and a light tan. Smiley and bright eyed. Tattoos on her shoulders and back, along with a few on her legs. Of middling height. Slightly angular face. Ears have multiple piercings, and has an eyebrow piercing as well. Also has an assortment of scars from various occasions. Also has stretch marks on stomach from her pregnancy. Wears loose and comfy. Stuff that easily washes out, so that stains don't stick around. Likes stripes. James: Smol, kinda pudgy. Big blue eyes and downy tufts of brown hair. Only has a few teeth. Very cute.
Talents: Thea: good at cooking. Singing. Calming people down/soothing them. Good at making people feel at ease around her. Good actress, too. Musician. James: being cute.
Motivations: Thea: her son, mostly, tbh. She wants to keep him and herself safe, and give them the best life she can. As a single mom, however, this can prove rather difficult in this day and age, since most people turn up their noses at a woman with a child, without a husband.
Background (optional): Mostly TBD. She's the bastard daughter of a nobleman, though.
Other (optional): none

(Thea and James okay? I can change things if need be)