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Here is something to help introduce a character

Hair color (If applicable):
Skin, Scales, or Fur color:
Personality traits:
Other useful info:

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(I didn't want to leave this empty. Could I just yeet my character in here?)

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:) gonna add two cause these are the ones i wanna test out the most. they're both fandom oc's hope that's ok, if not i can change them :)

Name: Coral de León

Age: 12

Pronouns: she/her

Species: human

Hair color (If applicable): dark brown, shoulder-length, and curly

Skin, Scales, or Fur color: light brown

Likes: She likes swords and daggers, her friends and family, growing strawberries, fucking around with people, being dramatic, spending time with her dad and siblings, and will absolutely fight you over a churro

Dislikes: the guy that wants literal war with the gods aka her great grandad, her grandad, he's kind of a dick, if she sees luke again she will stab him with her dagger, people making fun of her dad (he's cool, trust her. also scary when he wants to and like very powerful), people making fun of her siblings, annabeth "I'm better than you" chase (she likes annabeth "my boyfriend is an idiot" chase fine enough though)

Personality traits: She doesn't trust new people, which, understandable, not many people do. She tries to be at least polite to people, but she kinda loses her cool quickly. Like really quick. You're more likely to see her angry at something or someone than just calm. She's also dramatic af which we kinda gotta blame her parents for this. both of them are very dramatic.

Other useful info: goes to a very normal summer camp. definitely not a camp for demigods no sir

Backstory: she was born in Baja California, which is in méxico. don't let the California part fool you. her dad stayed for a year or so to raise her and then disappeared. her mother married her other mom when she was three and then they moved to new jersey when she was 6. she attended a boarding school from the age of 9 alongside her younger brother. (pjo oc, and she's a dionysus kid :DD)

Name: Andromeda Persephone Agreste

Age: 14

Pronouns: she/her

Species: human

Hair color (If applicable): shoulder-length black hair that people mistake for dark blue. it's not. i swear.

Skin, Scales, or Fur color: pale

Likes: fantasy stories, writing, her parents, her brothers Adrien, abraxas, and Septimus (abraxas and septimus are twins hehe) baking, that one lawyer capcom game (ace attorney) reading about villains because they're super cool (looking at you hawkmoth and mayura), puns and causing chaos

Dislikes: ladybugs, butterfly supervillain that is currently ruining her life (no it's not hawky), sourpatch kids, anything that's way too sweet

Personality traits: Andromeda is normally a sweet girl, but when provoked, she can be quite scary. It's a good idea to stay out of her way when she's in one of her moods. While she's normally all fun and games, she can be serious when needed. She's constantly saying puns, but occasionally she talks in the language of sarcasm.

Other useful info: she's an animal-themed superhero named bumblebee. yes i know, real original. she has two miraculous (the jewelry that allows her to become this animal-themed superhero), but she only uses the bee one for superhero stuff and the peacock one for "i hate you ladybug let me fuck with your life" stuff

Backstory: Born to famous fashion designer Gabriel Agreste, and his personal assistant Nathalie Sancouer (Dree snorts whenever her father says that Nathalie is just an assistant in public), she lived a relatively calm life. She would sometimes model for her father's brand, and would, of course, take Japanese lessons. Unlike Adrien, she had a lot more freedom and was able to do what she wanted. Provided it was legal. She was homeschooled until the age of 7, and from there on, she was able to join a real school. When she was only four, her little brothers were born. Her life turned upside down when she was recruited into the superhero life. It's stressful. (miraculous oc which i love very much)

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(i'm down for either one, really. i don't really have a preference for either one, so I'll let you and @letsgetlegit_9113 debate abt it)

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Name: Dommity Thornbrush

Age: 21

Pronouns: they\it

Species: Mountain Dwarf

Hair color (If applicable): ginger

Skin, Scales, or Fur color: pale but dark for a Mountain Dwarf

Likes: bread rolls, wood craving, "fancy food", ducks and turtles

Dislikes: sarcastic people (bc she doesn't know what sarcasm is), bears, goblins and fried salmon.

Personality traits: hopeless flirt that can never get date, tries to be a people person but does quite know how, very awkward, loves helping people, determined, doesn't like to be told what to do.

Other useful info: has a fear of hights, public speaking, and being alone, only learned how to speake again after rejoining society

Backstory: "when i was 7 i had a fight with my parents and ran away, out of the safety of the tunnels and of the mountain and stole my fathers wood carving kit. surviving only off berries, roots and the occasional rabbit or bird and i learned a lot about medicinal herbs. when i turned 18 i rejoined society
(i may have been mistaken for some sort of red bear cub at first)"-dom

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(I'm here, sorry I was late. I'm also leaning towards storyline, but either works.^^)

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(Thanks, although I won't be here for long today.)

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(Also is it okay if I use Iri for this one? I kind of want to work with her.)

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(Alright, perfect.)

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Name: Iridescence (Opal)
Age: 26
Pronouns: she/her
Species: shapeshifting human (ig)
Hair color (If applicable): Opalescent White
Skin, Scales, or Fur color: light skin, rosy cheeks; as a dove, she has opal streaks on her wings and tail; as a snake (see 2nd pic below), she has opal scales
Likes: knitting, being by herself, comforting others, studying nature, ivory daggers
Dislikes: mobs, rude people, being ridiculed over her unique appearance
Shipping?: idk, probably not
Personality traits: soft spoken, kind to anyone she meets
Other useful info: lives by herself in a cottage in the forest, can shapeshift into a dove or a snake


(snake form(sorta?):

(dress (smth like this):