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"Sometimes, all I think about is you."

A roleplay set on a college campus, where character A and Character B meet through being partnered for a class project where they have to take pictures of Arizona's national monuments and places they find interesting and explain to their shared speech class why they find these places interesting.

"Late nights in the middle of June"

The plot is inspired by All The Bright Places, where character A has a mental illness they struggle to deal with, while character b is dealing with the death of their older sibling, which occurred a few months ago. It will be different in some ways.

I'm gonna be Character B

"Heat waves been faking me out"

though the characters find themselves falling in love with each other, and quite a lot faster than they both thought they would, let alone the fact that they never thought they'd fallen in love with each other, seeing as they act as complete opposites.

"Can't make you happier now"

I plan on this being sort of a bittersweet ending roleplay, where obviously the characters won't be in love forever, because that is extremely highly improbable and unrealistic, but character B gets an offer to be a intern at a (career they are pursuing) company a few states away, and character A is heartbroken, but realises this is the best thing for character A and after a breakup neither of the characters want, character A sees Character B off and they leave each others lives with memories of happiness and the shared feeling of wanting the other to be successful and happy.

character A, character sheet:

Age: (early to mid twenties):
Mental Illness they suffer from:
Song that describes them:
Their favorite movie:
Favorite animal:


Can we do Late Nights with Aspen and Bean?

Name: Bean Rose
Age: (early to mid twenties): 21
Appearance: long brown hair, gray eyes, porcelain skin tone
Personality: She’s nice, whimsical, and very romantic. Despite her mental illness, she tries so hard to be cheerful for everyone.
Mental Illness they suffer from: hmmm- maybe either anxiety or depression-
Outfits: pink off the shoulder top, blue denim skirt, black tights, black ankle boots, a golden locket
Likes: music, dancing, sweets, performing
Dislikes: sour things, being alone, anyone hurting her loved ones
Song that describes them: Almost There - Princess and The Frog
Their favorite movie: Hmmmm so many, she can’t possibly choose
Favorite animal: cat!
Aesthetic: Theatre kid
Background: As the oldest of four kids, she was pretty busy as a child. She loves her siblings a lot and would do anything for them. However, she kinda drifted away from her sister Lilac when she went off to college since Lilac needed her. They still talk sometimes, but it’s not like it used to be and it’s affected both of them badly.
Other: she’s so precious omg-


Name Aspen Gracisis
Age: (early to mid twenties): 20
Appearance: face claim
Aspen is pale with freckles spreading across her face from cheek to cheek, her skin is a white sandy color, she has a slim face with defined cheekbones and a jawline that makes her face looks square and strong. She has light blue eyes curved slightly upwards, with long naturally curled eyelashes that fit against her cheek when she closes her eyes. She has thick, full lips which contain a natural pink color. She is slim and tall, 5'8, her body supports curves such as her hips and her upper chest area, she has a thicker lower body and slender, elegant fingers.
Personality: Aspen is keeping to herself, she only ever expresses who she truly is and her past.
family member she lost: her dad (robbery gone wrong),her mom (suicide), and her little sister Clementine (drowned/murdered), who died a few years after their parents, Clementine was fifteen, almost sixteen when she died.
Outfits: She wears loose fitting clothes, to hid her curves, such as light colored t-shirts and loose black ripped jeans that are cuffed one singular time, paired with black high top converse or retro colored, worn out vans.
Likes: writing poetry, astrology and mythology
Dislikes: cults, church and people who are meant to be put in prison, but are instead only given probation.
Song that describes them: Tongue Tied-GroupLove and Little Dark Age-MGMT
Their favorite movie: Coraline and A dog's purpose
Favorite animal: pandas and Red pandas
Aesthetic: soft grunge mixed with indie and a slight bit of soft girl type makeup (glitter and white eyeliner and what not)
Background: Aspen was raised by her parents in Oregon, until their death, after her sister and herself moved in with her aunt in Arizona. Where after living there for six years, under their aunts guardianship, her little sister; Clementine, attended a party, where a group of her friends ended up accidentally drowning her, all intoxicated they worked together to hid the body, but failed and the boy who held her head underwater was prosecuted for murder, while the other three teenagers were given probation for eighteen months.

  • Aspen is bisexual
  • She has ADD
  • she suffers from mild chronic depression, as well as seasonal depression when it comes to summer. Because summer is when Clementine was murdered.


Aspen felt her bag hitting her upper tight and was aware of the tightness of the strap over the shoulder. She made her way across the campus, through the courtyard she walked inside, a slight sweat on her forehead due to the Arizona humidity and heat.

She glanced down at the schedule in her hand, and headed towards room 203, where she saw the desks were two per desk and she sighed out loud. She sat in the open desk in the back, the seat next to her open. Only two other people were currently seated in the class with her, and the teacher stood awkwardly in the front of the room, behind an oak colored wooden podium. Her hair was curly and grey, like every stereotypical old woman in america, but her face only portrayed a bit of age. She stood as if she were a high school student, about to give a speech. She wore a light blue button up blouse with a navy blue skirt and black strappy heels.

Once Aspen actually looked at her, she observed her nervousness and how she didn't look old at all, maybe in her late forties at most, but she could have been wrong, on the whiteboard, her name was written in neat, pristine letters in which they sloped slightly to the left, the name read Ms. Benson and Aspen felt the corners of her mouths turning upwards in a smile.


Bean soon came stumbling into class, looking around frantically. “Am I late?!” she asked, holding her bag close to her. Her long brown hair was a bit of a mess and her bag was decorated with pins and buttons, mostly related to theatre. She noticed the open seat next to Aspen and walked over…of course, after fixing her hair a bit.

“Can I sit here?”

She asked this question with a smile on her face and politeness in her tone. She had noticed Aspen when she walked in and admired her beauty. “You seem nice.”


"yeah sure, just wait till you see my personality, then you'll hate me." She said to the girl, gesturing to the empty seat next to her "but sure, go ahead." She said, folding her arms across her chest in a angry yet protective gesture, as if the girl were a monster, which Aspen could tell she was not.

Once the girl was seated she looked over at her, her icy blue eyes hard and slightly squinted. "Have you ever heard the phrase looks can be deceiving? I could be a raging sociopath and you decided to sit next to me because i'm nice, which honestly is not a good Idea, never judge a book by its cover as they say." Aspen added, her tone edgy and laced with a bit of sympathy.


Bean shrugged. “Well, I’ll never know until I try,” she laughed a bit as she sat down. “Thank you, by the way…” she smiled softly as she started taking her stuff out. She knew the other girl was trying to seem aggressive but she could tell she wouldn’t regret sitting next to her.

“My name’s Bean Rose! What’s yours?” she beamed as she set her notebooks on her desk.


"Bean?" Aspen snorts and covers her mouth with a hand to stifle a laugh as the students pour into the room right before it starts. "Your name is seriously Bean?" She asks and then smiles "that's kinda cool." She says quietly.

"Im Aspen, Aspen Gracisis." She says holding out a hand for a handshake with a small smile.


Bean took Aspen’s hand smiling. “Yeah, my parents thought Bean was a cool name so that’s what they went with,” she laughed, feeling very relaxed hanging out with her. “Your name’s pretty-“


"thanks, yours is pretty cool too." Aspen said and quickly retracted her hand after a short, abrupt singular shape.
Ms. Benson cleared her throat "hello class, I hope you are looking forward to this class." She said in a voice that reminded Aspen of her mother, soft like silk, yet rough and tough. "Im Ms. Benson, nice to meet you all, I know this is a cliche but were going to do icebreakers, with your table partners."


Bean beamed. “Oh, this will be amazing!” she smiled wide as she turned to Aspen. “So…” she pressed her fingers against each other.


Ms. Benson spoke again, with a small smile. "You will be working with your table partners quite alot this semester, so make sure you get along, and if you don't, speak to me after class!" She said sweetly and sat down behind her desk.

Aspen scowled and turned to Bean, she had been hoping she would work mostly alone in this class, but now that she knew she was she was upset. "So what?" She snarled quietly, her face red.


Bean sighed. She didn’t want Aspen to be mad at her…before they even had a chance to properly talk. “I…I was wondering…what do you have as your major?” she asked, trying to make pleasant conversation.


"Social work." She stated coldly, then sat up straighter and tried to smile, seeing as her therapist told her she would have to be kind if she wanted to be in social work.

She tried to become more conversational as she smiled "i'm going in to social work." She said proudly and then smiled brighter "whats you major?" She asked curiously/


“Performing arts,” Bean smiled warmly. “I love being on stage! It’s like I’m breathing life into whatever I’m doing,” she sighed happily. “Also, social work sounds nice! May I ask why you chose that?” she tilted her head slightly.


"thats cool!" Aspen explained with a small smile.

"I want to give people better homes, not just kids but families to which social work also deals with too, not just children." She added, with a tilt of her head.


Bean smiled wide. “That sounds really nice! I bet you’re going to make so many people happier!” she beamed, glad that Aspen seemed a bit happier.


"I hope so-" she rambled "I've always felt a need to help people, especially people in shitty financial and shelters, such as bad home lives, abusive parents or partners and malnutrition." She said the words gushing out of her as if she had always wanted to tell anyone that, but has held it in. "I could make a difference in people's lives, I could help them be happier, and that's just what I plan to do." SHe added quickly, with a honest smile this time.

"Enough about me, tell me why you're pursuing performing arts, besides the loving being on stage part, do you like the lifestyle? The people? The audience?" She asked curiously.