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Set in October, in a small Maine town, in the 90's. character A goes to the local high school in their small Maine town, they find life pretty uneventful, boring and depressing. They're constantly on the brink of breaking down, the only thing stopping them is their artwork, until Character B comes along.

I'm being Character A.

"But how we moved from A to B
It can't be up to me 'cause I don't know
Eye to eye, thigh to thigh
I let go"

Character B moves to town and gets put in the same advanced art class as Character A, and get's sat at the same table as well.

"I think I'm a little bit, little bit
A little bit in love with you
But only if you're a little bit, little bit
Little bit in lo-lo-lo-lo-lo love with me"

this doesn't have to be romance, though im hoping it will be, because I need some love in my life right now.

Character Sheet

Favorite art medium:
Clothing Style:

"And for you I keep my legs apart
And forget about my tainted heart
And I will never ever be the first to say it
But still I, you know I-I-I"


(Asra watched as the group of vampires watched him. His head pounded and heart ached " winter.. please.. what's going on? Why did the bring me here?!" His eyes burned with tears
Winter shot an icy glare at Vincent. He was willing to throw him out just because he had fooled around with someone not as high of status as them? He scowled. Winter knew the rules and if they were found out but he hadn't been expecting them to find out this quickly. Asra wasn't even something serious, he was just a tool used for his own benefit, there was nothing there. Why should he take the fall for a mere human being?
"I have done no such thing!" Winter protested but knew that trying to defend himself would only put him in a worse position. If they were so bold as to accuse him of being with Asra, then they most certainly had evidence that could be used against him, as if this wasn't enough already.
Winter looked at Asra as he asked the question.
"To use you against me. And by the looks of things, you running to me was enough proof that there's something between us, even though there's not" He hissed, absolutely livid that Asra had run to him and outed him
Asra flinched, tears now streaming down his cheeks "let me go! I dont wanna be here!" He damn near screamed, upset and hurting he refused to see the danger he was in, the snowy haired but couldn't think straight and the moments that had happened before now ran wild on his head. asra walked back to daylin with his head hung low
It urked Winter that Asra was acting like this, didn't he know? His livelihood was on the line, what was he supposed to do? Oh no, absolutely. Asra and I did it the other day, he and I are meant to be.
What kind of fairytale was this guy living in? Sure, Winter had shown him the least bit of affection just to get him to do what he wanted, maybe even at one point he had wanted to be with him, had caught feelings, but those feelings could easily be cast away.
There was a small sharp pang of jealousy that struck his heart as he saw Asra walk back to daylin, but Winter chalked it up to irritation and not such filthy feelings.

Daylin watched Winter seeth and a smile played on his lips as Asra came to him.
"Awe, was the poor boy rejected by his lover?~" He teased, yet there was a sweetness to his voice as if it were covered in honey. Winter's harsh words had done its damage and that's all daylin had wanted.
Daylin lifted Asra's chin so that he was looking into his eyes, which danced with amusement. He hadn't had this much fun since…when had the last time been? Oh yeah. When he killed his last plaything. Course, no one knew about that but him and his trusted friend. Daylin was a hypocrite. A hypocrite who also hated Winter.
"Would you like me to spare your life?" He asked, his smile growing wider.)


Name: alastor veyel
Age: 17
Favorite art medium: he really likes to paint but it's a toss-up between digital and oil painting
Appearance: Alastor has splotches of white skin along his body, though the main part is a dark African American. He has a spot surrounding his left eye and often his friends would call him dally or Dalmatian, like the dog breed. His hair is a blue-ish color , it also had faded blue dye on the tips. It was more of a faux hawk style. His eyes were an almost golden hazel, with a closer look you could see the ring of green around his pupils
Clothing Style: he usually wears an oversized black and white jacket over a tank top or in the winter hed wears it over a sleeveless sweater
Likes: the gradient color in the sky, how it's a lighter blue along the tree line and a darker blue up to the stars, he always found it interesting.
Dislikes: his spots, he's insecure about them, even though his friends tried to cheer him up about them. He also is allergic to most vegetables and chicken, he also can have watermelon.


(when you say his skin is "dark African American" what exactly does that mean—?)
(Like is it dark colored, if so, what color exactly?)
(I dunno the sheet just isn't really that detailed and It's confusing me–)