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Name: asra snow
Gender:male (second) omega
Appearance: silver hair along with grey eyes and the same color lashes, about 5'4"
Personality: he's shy and soft spoken, extremely submissive and just all around loves cuddles
Likes:cuddles, nice people, the violin, dogs.
Dislikes: violent alphas, his heat, and the scars covering his body from abuse from his clan
Backstory: (optional) hes a traded Omega to an vampire,asras never actually been through a full heat before because his clan, that was mostly alpha vampys, had always suppressed them

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(Thanks! Happy valentine's to you too! I'll do my best to get a character up tonight or tomorrow. I don't usually rp as boys, so I kind of have to go completely from scratch)


( oh, would you wanna scratch on one of mine, ive got quite a few you could look at if yo want.)