forum chatting with complete strangers(so orignal lol. open.)
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Character sheet:

Name: Julia King

Username: AND_PEGGY

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Personality: Julia is a sweet and kind person. She's the type of person to befriend everyone, even the ones that have been rude to her in the past. She can also be cold and sarcastic. She's rarely like that though. It's only when she's mad.

Background: Julia grew up in a loving family. She has had some arguments with her parents, but despite that, they've been close to each other. Sometimes, she's actually embarrassed over how much they love her and how so overprotective they are.

Quotes: "Not all rich kids are dicks. I'm certainly ain't one, and frankly, I find that to be insulting to me and to the few others who are actually nice." "No, you sus for not liking Peggy."

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Name: Alex Rivera
username: red_sus
age: 19
gender: male
personalty: extroverted but gets scared easily-
background: he doesn't remember his upbringing, so when others ask him if he has any memories from his childhood he just kinda sits there like 'uh,,, wot'

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Name:Sonya Ahiru
username(like @bigfatbuttface):@psycho_path
age: 18
gender: female
personalty: kinda psycho, very over protective and loyal, kinda unpredicitable but predictable at the same time.
background: grew up in a home where she had to work for money to help pay for food and the rent of there house, there dad left when she was just a baby, she has an older brother but hes to weak to do physical labor and his personality wouldnt mesh so she decided to do it instead while her brother earns money off commissions


(Sorry this is so late XD)
Name: Ski Singye
username: @snowyleopard
age: 18
gender: female
personalty: INTJ- has a quiet and reserved exterior, analytical and calculating. Quick-witted with a sarcastic sense of humor. Very independent and private, tends to be a little insensitive.
background: she lives with her parents and sibling. Her parents work a lot, but she was homeschooled by her aunts all the way until high school. (That’s all I got atm haha)

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Name: Sunny
username: @x_mechakid_x
age: 13
gender: Male
personalty: he's very quiet… probably doesn't even type in the chat that much. when he does speak in the chat, he probably just sends a meme and then goes offline again.
background: he grew up apprehensive of his parents (who always treated him like absolute shit) so he tries not to speak unless it's really needed. he does lighten up to certain people, depending on how well he relates to them.