forum Artists/Tuneless/Anarchy RP to help me flesh out my universe!! {still opennnn}
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some of you may remember a few weeks ago (More like a couple months, but hey, who's counting?) when I was asking about a story of mine, and which name sounded better. welllllll, im bored and got nothing better to do so I make another RP for filling in gaps in my world.

Ill post my character, the universe and the rules in a sec

@Serenity88 group

She might have some gaps, ill fill them in

So, rules:
Andrews rules
Cussing is fine, just dont go overboard.
No adultery. Just no.
However, I am fine with shipping! Just remember they are minors; teens, though, so somewhat inappropriate/rude jokes are expected.
If you have a bitchy character, thats fine but make sure the bitching is the character not the writer. Yk what I mean.
Not much else other than that! I do want detailed, paragraph-plus responses, though. Please pitch new ideas to me before really integrating them, and please please please ask me questions! I want to fill in the blanks in this world so I can start writing. I wont be writing what happens in this RP, just in case anyone wonders.
if I forgot anything, ill say it when I remember.

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(its fine! I fell like I may have some gapping here. need to fix any gaps in my description cause I prob did a bad job)

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(Nah, ur good. I love the idea of this world,, it reminds me of a book series I read :0)
(I have a character from my own dystopian world that I might add, idk)

@Serenity88 group

(yo just booping this chat just to keep it refreshed. I'm bored AF so if you did indeed plan to respond but forgot, well here ya go.)