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Long story short a people group called the Jovial are responsible for giving humans pleasant dreams. They're constantly at war with another species which is responsible for giving humans nightmares, but I having named that species yet and I need too.
Any suggestions? Ideally I would like something that already is a word that conveys a message about them, but anything is good.
Also please make it something something I can pronounce.

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So there's a witch called Mara that gives people nightmares, so maybe Marans?
I have the name Ilmis (ill-me), which I was debating on using for a species of my own but if it works you can use it. I also looked up words meaning dark and picked out somber (dark or dull in color; gloomy) and lurid (vivid in color, especially so as to create an unpleasant harsh or unnatural effect). Sombers or Lurids sound neat to me but like, here's what I got for ya if you still need it (since it's been thirty-some minutes since you posted this and you could very well have thought of something in that time) :3

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What I would do is research gods or creatures that are related to the nightmare idea and then take a few you like. Then go on a couple name generator ( should be the first one to pop up when you search it up) and fuse the two names together. It will have a few options for you to chose from.

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Hmmm….. maybe the good peoples could be named the DreamWalkers
And the bad peoples could be named ShatteredDreams

idk though