forum help me fin something interesting for this guy please
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so I have a person, Quinton, and he's a tallish brown dude in a medieval world and i can't find something that I like. he's currently human. you can check him out in my profile if you want.

@Yamatsu Earthbender

First, I don't think you've made Quinton public, and also, there were plenty of brown dudes in Medieval times. Morocco was a massive trading hub for the rest of Africa, and people were being sent out all the time on mercantile business or otherwise. There were also slaves of all colors and plenty of people roaming around the world in general. Many of the great discoveries in math and science were made by Persian Muslims, Africa was still ripe with resources that were being fought over and controlled. I'm certain that a "brown dude" wouldn't be THAT out of place in a time connecting the Rennaisance and the Age of Discovery.

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There's this little V-shaped thing with the dots on each point. Click that, and there'll be a setting to make your Universe public and your character pages public. You have to make the character public so I can view it, as making a Universe public will let you see what's in it, but not the specifics.