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I've been writing ever since i was little but the last few years I've had no ideas that really stick out to me. there's one that i remember writing when i was little and id love to revamp it and get the story really going and fully developed into something new that I'm passionate about writing. My issue is, the old version is on an old computer and i doubt i could access it, and i barely remember what i wrote, but here's the general idea from what i remember writing:

teenage girl (16 iirc but ill probably change that) is OBSESSED with space things, and for her birthday her father (i feel like he'd work with fictional NASA or something of the sort, some kind of space engineer) gifts her a trip in a spaceship. She's extatic and fully prepared to go, however when she gets there the ship malfunctions and she ends up lost in space on a planet that is undiscovered. shes filled with fear of being alone with no way home until she meets a species of alien living on the planet. I genuinely have no idea what the plot was supposed to be or what would end up happening to her but idk!! i feel like this would be a fun story to fix and develop fully and it would be a good excuse for me to write fantasy things (normally the things i feel compelled to write are slice of life and murder mystery stories based in reality but i think it would be nice to try something new and get my writer juices flowing again.)

that's really everything i think id appreciate any help lol :))

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The idea of a teenage girl obsessed with space, who goes on a trip to a spaceship and ends up on a new planet with aliens, is definitely unique and has potential for a great plot.

If you're looking for help to revamp your old story and make it something new, one suggestion could be to focus on the character's growth and development on this new planet. What challenges does she face, and how does she handle them? How does she interact with the alien species and what kind of relationships does she form? You could also explore themes such as survival, bravery, and self-discovery.

In terms of the specific plot, maybe the girl is the only human on this new planet and has to find a way to fix the spaceship in order to get back home. Or maybe the alien species is in danger and the girl needs to help them before she can leave the planet. You could also delve into the idea of the girl learning to adapt and survive on this new planet, with its unique and sometimes dangerous elements, and discovering a new purpose for her life. You could also explore the concept of the girl discovering the truth behind why she was sent on this trip. Maybe her father had a hidden motive or there's a larger force at play in the universe??

I think this could be a fun and exciting story to write. Let your imagination run wild and see where the story takes you! Good luck!