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I saw this idea where someone could create a plot based off of dreams of others. So, basically I would like for you to post here your most recent dream or a dream that you vividly remember. I want to somehow find a way to maybe squash some of them together and create a basic plot from them.


One dream I can remember is that there was this black figure who would often appear behind me. Whenever I tried to escape from it, it felt as if it had some sort of force field around me, it felt like I was running through thick, heavy air. At one point, I manage to escape from it and I run into the house in front of me. The lady who lived there had a huge dog that she released to go and attack the figure. There were many people taking refuge in her house away from the figure, although it seemed to only want me. Everyone is looking out of the window to watch the dog attack the figure, however, some kind of way the figure wraps the dog's body around his and breaks the dog's spine in half. The dog turns gray and shrivels up. The figure punches through the window and leaps through it. Everyone is knocked to the ground including the figure. I try to get up, but the "force field" is holding me on the ground. Everyone else gets up and escapes. It's just me and the figure lying there, facing towards each other. I see one of its eyes, it's bloodshot and black. I stare at it. It stares back. I wake.

Yours doesn't necessarily have to be as lengthy. Anything is accepted

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One dream I can remember is that there was this black figure who would often appear behind me.

It was a shadow

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lmao no but for real…. That's creepy. And awesome.


Man, am I the person for you. (Or maybe not…) I remember dreaming most every night and they're almost always really really weird.

Last night I had a dream that I was hanging out with my aunt, step-uncle and younger cousins, and then my aunt and I had to go out and get stuff for dinner. We went to the nearest Publix and grabbed some stuff (it was late at night for some reason, past any normal person's dinnertime), but apparently we were still missing some things. So we drove to my grandmother's street (which I haven't seen in nearly a decade—17yo here) to pick up what I remember being "the perfect coconuts". The coconuts in my dream were the same shape and size as regular coconuts, but they looked and tasted like mangos… Anyways, we started plucking these things off palm trees (gotta love Florida) that were specifically found at my grandmother's house. At this point, it had to have been well past midnight. Then my grandmother (who I also haven't seen in nearly a decade), showed up on the steps leading to her house, smoking a cigarette. I have never seen this woman smoke in my life, and also keep in mind she's only fifty-something. She had like white wavy hair, which was super inaccurate because she has blonde hair, and was wearing like, ugly brown pants paired with a Bandito t-shirt from the Twenty One Pilots Trench tour (which is, again, super weird because I have no clue what her music taste is and she's always dressed formally—like, suits and fancy blouses). Anyways, she turns around and just watches me and her daughter pluck coconut-mangos from the trees in her yard. I can't really remember quite what she said, except my aunt was beckoning me back to her house since we'd acquired enough coconut mangos (which was two, FYI). I don't remember anything else.

I dunno if this is really plot material—I don't often have nightmares that often, or if I do, they don't really frighten me, per say. I just end up morbidly curious about them and they leave no real lasting impression. (Unless my family is in danger/dies in them.) And if anyone who is good at interpreting dreams reads this, please, by all means, let me know what the hec k is going on in my head…


@LemonGirl Interesting! When I saw the part about the coconuts tasting like mangos, that just seemed so cute to me. As far as interpretation goes, I like to search up dream dictionaries. Thanks for sharing!

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ohohoh i always write down my dreams.

  • I was running through a neighborhood in broad daylight. i couldn't feel fear or anything in particular, just that someone or something was coming for me and i needed to run. the neighborhood abruptly stopped and i was on a sidewalk in a street, the sun brighter than ever. i ran straight into a gas station on a spring-green grassy hill and hid. the gas station was empty. i ran out again. as i ran down the hill, i started back down a sidewalk under a bridge. when i looked forward, the sun was setting. behind me, it was midday, another sun in the sky. i slowed down as a red (or blue?) car passes me, and whatever it was caught me. the weird part was i felt zero fear or any emotion and it was in the third person sometimes.

!TW(?) murder(?)

-walking in a snowy plain. i see a young girl clinging to her wild black ox, dressed for the snow, like me. behind her was an entrance to a forest of pine. i walk in circles around the girl and her ox, both still except for the light breathing of the ox. i circled back to face the girl. she only looked at me and blinked. i stabbed her in the back but there was no blood, no reaction. i could feel the ox was afraid. the girl didn't close her eyes, but she stopped blinking. i could tell she was still alive. a purple fog begins to obscure my vision.

-this one is more lighthearted. it was raining lightly. in real life we have cats in our neighborhood, and in the dream i watched four gradually go to our garage to take shelter. i went downstairs (I was watching this from the window) and watched the rain with them.