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Character A (Female) and Character B (Male) are engaged and just had a baby. They are in love and the relationship is good and strong. However before having the babe and being married A and character C (male) were in love. C was there to help deliver the baby when her husband wasn't around. A and C both are unable to let go of their love. A battles with her morals but ultimately continues cheating. How does she come to this conclusion. How do I keep both relationships equal and loving. C is very jealous of her husband and baby how does he come to terms with this.

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Just popping in to say : this may not be a great idea. Cheating is tricky to write well without romanticizing it, and is only justified when one is in a bad (likely abusive) relationship and wants an escape from it.

In pretty much every other situation, Character A is just hurting Character B , Character C, and herself.

And Character C isn't really the victim here, I don't think. Yes, he was betrayed by A, so if anything I'd say A is the antagonist here, given she's cheating on her husband and leading someone else on, and having a baby that will inevitably be impacted by this situation a lot.

So, as someone who has been cheated on, whose boyfriend's mom was cheated on (we're very close) and whose parents cheated on each other, please be careful. You can't make both relationships equal, the only way to do that would be to switch the story from cheating to polyamory - which doesn't necessarily mean they're all together, any romantic relationship involving more than 2 consenting people is considered polyamory.

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You can’t make both equal especially if one of them is cheating before a marriage and with a child

If your idea is to make the reader empathize with the cheater then it’s not good.
Like @citadelofcrows said, A feels like the antagonist here especially if they’re in a loving relationship with a child


@Lacrimoza and @citadelofcrows How about A refuses to marry B "There's still so much that I need to do, I can't settle down with you yet. I need more time to finish loose ends, etc" They still are in love and 'dating' (?) and take care of the baby together. This seems like a better way to fit C and As relationship. Neither of the men like each other but after B witnesses C coming home with A after saving her life and helping deliver the baby they both kind of come to terms that they truly love her. I'm not wanting a Poly relationship because both men still hate each other and see the other as competition.
I'm still struggling to come up with the conversation A will have with C. Definitely setting boundaries.
B's job involves some undercover work and how him and A met was because he was hired to follow her. I'm thinking that one night when she comes home he'll be waiting and call her out on cheating but in the end I still need them to be together and move on from it.

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That sounds a bit better, yeah. However, if A doesn't move on from C, stop seeing him covertly, stop any flirtations or anything similar, she's still cheating. Remember that, and maybe you can make it work? That or A and B communicate very clearly that they are co-parents and nothing more. But be extra extremely careful that B is never portrayed as a villain in this. The only people doing things wrong are A and C, in this context. B is a victim, and so is the child.