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Please suggest backstory and plot for each character listed! Thank you so much <3

Kaven: This character has the most in means of backstory, which still isn’t a lot. I was basically playing around with the idea that Kaven had a twin growing up, but his father ended up killing him in his sleep, mistaking him for Kaven. I need a reason for his father to wish death upon his child. When the father realizes his mistake, he doesn’t kill Kaven, (insert reason. I’m thinking maybe Kaven is the last to carry royal blood or something but idk) His father tries to turn Kaven into his twin, forcing him away from his healing magic and to accept dark magic and war instead.

Soren: He’s a dark elf that the characters eventually meet while exploring the dark elves’ kingdom. His mother is the queen. I want Soren to have a rocky relationship with his mother and he wishes to escape the kingdom but he’s unable to. I just need a reason that Soren would despise the kingdom and his mother and try to join the party on their journey.

Main Character (TBA): She’s talented in fighting and witchcraft. But I have no backstory for her.

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Who wants to hear my most dark and depressing one?

Devon: (My original Devon is/was a son of hades that is kind of possesed.) Devon grew up with his mother, never knowing his father. He was possessed as an infant in a similar way as DID in the sense that him and his demon, Albethore, can talk to each other in their mind. When he was about 7 he set fire to his house, killing his mother. It was not an accident. A few years later he stabbed one of his friends to death. When he was around 15 he met his 12 year old half-sister, June. They had the same father and looked more a like than different. She helped him deal with his inner demons, literally. She does have a very violent mindset and will provoke Devon just to talk to Albethore, who has learned that since she is a daughter of hades, follower of hecate, she can destroy him.

(pls note that my characters backstories are subject to change as per the story/rp I use them in)