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There are communities of videogame modders who crowdsource the creation of complete campaigns to professional standards equivalent to million dollar projects.
Does anyone do the same sort of community worldbuilding for pen & paper campaigns and get them released?
Like steam for PnP rpg homebrew?

I'm trying to reboot my homebrew Fallout regional project into a regional sourcebook wiki or worldanvil release and see if its any good.

I'm considering the idea of crowdsourcing some lore from community writers, but I have no idea where to find the good'uns
Its a purely passion project, but I'm hoping to find at least people who can use it as a writing challenge to sharpen their talents.
Its just because everything becomes a bit samey if you do it from only one perspective.
I've got a post apocalyptic sisterhood of truthseer nuns that need a feminine touch, for instance.

Would you know where you can find good lore contributors to community fallout 'sourcebook'?
Any ideas on how you would build a volunteer project that produces 'some good shit' in the most efficient manner?
Do NPCs dream of fantasy sheep?

one of these questions is irrelevant
Love to hear from you.