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Hii! I am writing a thing (I'm not sure what to call it yet) and it's set in a totally different universe than Earth (I would say alternate dimension, but basically humans don't exist). Anyways, I need some planet names as the species in my story have extended to the far reaches of their universe (yay). So far I have Eyron and Vennmay, any suggestions? Thanks!!

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Suggestion: You could string random letters together and see how they look, changing spellings as necessary. It's easier to do if you're good at pronouncing non-words.
For example, a string like 'Kenates' could look okay to me, but 'Hpwajsn' might look a little odd. Switching the spelling to 'Pasjn' might look better.
Finally, don't forget that, like Mars and Io, moons and planets don't have to have long names. You could say 'Irj' and 'Rist' were planets, too (:

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I am not the most original or the best with coming up with names but I'll usually open google translate and find a language that is either very uncommon or common depending if I want people to see that name as a serious name or as a joke.

Anyway I'll look around the room I am sitting in and the first thing I see I will throw that into google translate, If I don't like the way the word works/feels I will then find the second, or third, and so on.

This isn't the best advice but it helps me.