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So I have an idea of what the planet looks like, who lives on it, etc, but I still don't have a name! I don't want to give it an overly symbolic name like I would've when I was 12, but I also don't want to pick a name out of thin air. To give you an idea of it-

It's large, almost completely desert, making it a hard place to live and making the people on it calloused, mean, and relatively selfish; there is no magic on it besides a few questionable fortune tellers and "magic items"… there isn't a lot of modern technology, either. Very sketchy cities besides the capital, lots more people in poverty than well off.

Anyone have any ideas?


What you name the planet really depends on the state of the universe. For example , earth is named earth literally bc dirt exists, its the ground we live on. We have a very simplistic universal name. To name a planet like this a generic word to mean "ground we live on" or "sand we are cursed to" would suggest this isn't a colony. Bringing up another point where you have colonized planets that might have a more historical name.


I usually just look around the room find to objects and make a ship name for them, and you have your self a name.
Tyrainex (A T-Rex and Toy Train)
Clotain (Clock and curtains)
SO on and so forht.