forum What unsolved mysteries does your world have?
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Are there buried graves deep in the deserts of your story's world? Are there haunted houses filled with the ghosts of murder victims, or ancient heroes lost at sea that are said to have found their way to some forgotten paradise? Whether they're big or small, modern or ancient, I want to hear your story's mysteries!

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A huge flourishing kingdom, twice the size of L.A and New York put together huge. They were thriving, and had control over most of the land. And then they suddenly vanished. All that's left is ruins of the massive city. No one has figured out what could have happened to the kingdom.

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In my new project, This World of Yours, the big mystery here is the Kaiju Shifters. No one knows, not even the shifters themselves where they came from. The most popular 3 ideas is either ‘manmade,’ meaning that someone did know where they came from but never documented it. The next one is ‘natural’, implying that they were on Earth either around the same time humanity came to be or before humans. This is a popular opinion shared by the Kaiju Extremists, both non human and human.

Finally, we have ‘off world.’ What if..the kaiju shifters arent from our planet? It’s the least popular out of all of the opinions, but there are groups that believe the shifters are all aliens of some sorts, trying to conquer their world. This is a common opinion seen in Human Extremists, although it’s a loud minority.

However, it still remains a big mystery in the story, with no one to decide what facts are true and what are false. They just don’t know where the shifters originated.