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It seems like half of Hollywood is these is a reboot or adaptation and a lot of of it seems unnecessary BUT I'm genuinely curious to know what old properties you would love to see brought back to live on the sliver screen, weather it be your favorite Disney etc classics or actually live old action movies you think should should be reintroduced to a new generation or even things that were rebboted but you think could have been rebooted, ya know, not as badly (I'm looking at you new Kim possible)
So here's the idea, imagine you're giving your pitch to a studio executive and you need to say what you want to reboot, how (as a stand alone movie, a trilogy, or a television series and what rating it would have) and why it would be profitable/relevant today.


I'll start cuz I'm pumped up by my own idea
A movie I think should be rebooted is the Hunchback of Notre Dame based off the 1996 Disney version, but rebooted not as a children's musical but a grittier adult aimed epic. For almost 200 years this property has been remade in film, books, and on the stage because for almost 200 years audiences have still found relevance in the story to reflect on society 400-600 years after the story is set. Though the Disney version made bad box office in '96 it's been a cult classic ever since and to recreated it as a PG-13 movie would erase the biggest problem with the it's predecessor which was tone whiplash. The message of social justice is perhaps more topical than ever to a 2019 audience. But a truer adaption of the dark violent themes of lust and moral corruption, and chivalrous heroic traits selflessness and courage an sacrifice would create a larger scale historical and fantastical epic that would join the ranks of Gladiator, 300, and even LOTR in its sense of honor driven battle. A redone version with a greater focus on Pheobus instead so much as Quasimodo would shift the message to the importance of defending what is right not because it benefits or frees oneself but to defend what is right even at great personal risk simply because it is right. Esmeralda as a brave and brazen woman, a women of color at that, would certainly be met with much critical acclaim but at the same time Esmeralda is not a 1-dimensional token female action heroin like so many others and exemplify compassion and empathy. Frollo has always and will again show the danger of perverting a religious doctrine but the addition of Pheobus as a heroic foil to that would send a much needed message to the western world today that Faith is not the enemy it's extremism and hate using falsily using religion as an excuse to justify it. All and all there are many many themes that are more and more important to be reintroduced or reiterated into the currently cultural climate and it could be a real banger.


I kinda wanna see an anime version of Harry Potter, but I know that’s been said before. Other than that, Disney’s Atlantis and Treasure Planet definitely!

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Live-action Atlantis and a Notre Dame remake would be awesome! I'd love to see Road to El Dorado as a live-action too because hnnnjkg Chel

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I think Disney should do a kid-friendly animated version of the office