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Okay so me, being the nerd that I am, am wanting to have a marathon with some friends of all the middle earth movies, all 6 of 'em. AND ME BEING THE NERD THAT I AM, I also want to prepare a full day of meals- 7 to be exact. Breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. WE BE FEASTIN LIKE HOBBITS.
HOWEVER i need ideas on what to serve :)
Middle Earth foods, anyone?

also if anyone wants to freak out about the movies with me I'm down (i have not read the books yet but I plan to)

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I've planned this before but I've never done it.
Breakfast: Muffins, fruit
2nd breakfast: Full English breakfast mode, eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, toast and jam.
Elevensies: Bread and cheese, apples
Lunch: I would think Shepherd's pie, or a beef Wellington.
Afternoon tea: Crumpets
Dinner: Potatoes, vegetables. Some form of meat? Soup maybe?
Supper: A roast. Bread. Alcoholic beverages