forum GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES // Spoiler Warning, enter at your own risk
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Okay but can we just talk about how sad Grave of the Fireflies is??? Like, it's breaking my heart right now!!!! Satsuko whyyyyyyyyyy you could've held on longerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
but no that stoopid sickness had to take over youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

Also if you haven't watched Grave of the Fireflies yet, you should. It's really good, and it's made by Studio Ghibli!!!!!
And Studio Ghibli movies are always really high quality SO GO WATCH THEM!!!!! aha

Edit: Now I'm legit crying.


Aw man, im too weak for that movie, i just cant-
And to think Hayao Miyazaki experienced that kind of thing. Its just scary and very sad