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I realize this is dead…but I SHALL REVIVE IT!

  • Tim Burton

His movies are intriguing and always peculiar ;) All his animated movies are done wonderfully with incredible visuals. His live-action movies always have great casts (with the exception of Mia Wasikowska in Alice in Wonderland, she had the looks but couldn't act very well) and thrilling stories. What is there not to like about his work?

  • J.J. Abrams

I don't really watch any of his movies except his action/adventure which usually turn out good. I mean he directed the Star Trek movies, some of the Starwars, and most of the Mission Impossibles. All of these series are wonderfully done and fairly engaging. Although he's not my favorite director, his movies are always dependable. But then there is MIB International…which I still haven't watched because I loved the old ones too much.


I love Tim Burton! The vibes of his moves are impeccable
My favs have got to be Edgar Wright and David Fincher.
Wright is great as visual comedy, his movies are so funny and different that many modern comedies that all seem to use the same format. Fincher is wonderful at using directing to tell a story, and he really uses the "less is more" tactic in his films, especially in Se7en.