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i figured everyone deserved to hear me go off about movies, whether in a good or bad way. i'm also including musicals in here, for the few i have seen bootlegs of, and tv. duh.

anyway first up because it's been on my mind so much

fuck janis from mean girls. like. bitch gonna come out here and play the victim after she did what she's pissed at someone for doing. she emotionally manipulated a girl who had the social understanding of a goddamn zebra because she had grown up without, you know, the same social interaction most people get, because she mostly only interacted with animals. her understanding of what's right or wrong when it comes to friends was based solely on what felt not right and janis told her it was okay to double cross friends. she created mean girl cady by using her instead of being her actual friend. and yet janis is somehow a hero for refusing to apologize for doing that? but cady is demonized even though she wasn't given the chance to apologize, which janis was and refused to use??? like i'm sorry but fuck that

who looked at that and thought 'oh this is a perfectly correct and reasonable moral dilemma, janis is totally in the right and we're going to use her to teach cady a lesson'

also damian would have been leagues better for teaching her that lesson thanks


also toph and avatar kyoshi would have been an unstoppable force and best friends you cannot convince me otherwise, unless it's to tell me they're too similar(i'd accept that but prefer my version)


can you believe the smart guy in we summon the darkness

has a decorative bandana in his belt loop, and doesn't remove it to staunch the bloodflow from his friend's STAB WOUND

but when the room is being filled with toxic spray shit he takes it off no fuckin problem to cover his bitch ass mouth. also he wears a pentacle as a form of expression like it's not an important symbol to pagans, calls it satanic, and has a mullet so I hate him. shitty love interest. you can do better bev

also small spoiler warning for my posts, just in case I ever forget to watch what I'm saying


good to see law enforcement is inept in this movie as well, and also that cops have no knowledge of the rights of people they're talking to in media. is the phrase life imitates art or can I rearrange it here


I'm actually very okay giving this movie like an 8/10 it was fun, bangin soundtrack, hot gals, and fire. as far as horror goes, I've seen infinitely worse, it just needs a little work. premise? iconic


watched 10 things i hate about you a couple days ago and here are my Thoughts

they did have some solid jokes, i found myself laughing and chuckling

while i would personally probably be really flustered if someone did it to me, the bleachers scene was funny and kat genuinely liked it so that was good

kat and bianca? i love them and they deserve the ENTIRE world and nothing less

joseph gordon-levitt's smile tho. fuckin contagious af

the sound track. obviously. iconic

bruh that plot. poor fucking kat???? and bianca by extension??????? imagine being used so some guy can get into your sister's pants. imagine being the sister. like yeah, in the movie bianca didn't mind. but i feel like plenty of real girls would have been pissed to find that out? being approached right off the bat is one thing, like, if they had been like 'hey bianca, we know you really want to date but that hinges on your sister. do you think your sister needs to actually have someone she can trust and have fun with? we can make this a win win' but still. poor kat

uh. most of the men. like michael was pretty fun lmao but i just. ugh, men who do shit like that

make of that what you must, i didn't hate the movie and it was fun to watch, but it's kinda hard to overlook what's actually going on

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Oh that's definitely from the Taming of the Shrew element, in the play Bianca can't be courted until Kate is married off
Haven't seen the movie but I want to at some point because we all know I'm a Kate Minola simp


i was wondering where the basis came from lmao

you should watch it, it's on disney+ if you have that. i mooched my aunt's account to watch the good teen movies for songs for a playlist lmao

@HighPockets group

Yeah, TotS is really hard to adapt for modern times because of the sexism (depending on your take on it; I personally read it as satire due to the opening setting it up as a play-within-a-play) and the "Kate needs to get married because otherwise Bianca can't" not really being A Thing That Happens anymore
I'm not much of a movie person but I might check it out, thanks!


Crocs I have to ask. Are you familiar with Be More Chill, and if so what are your opinions on it? I was obsessed with it eighth grade through the first half of freshman year and I'm Curious


i haven't seen it, and it's been a while since i've actually listened to the soundtrack, but i do think i listened to about the whole thing. i can't say i hate it, nor do i really have much room to talk about it, but

michael deserved better, that's for sure.

not quite sure why people ship him and jeremy but i also can't say they wouldn't be good?

michael in the bathroom made me cry tbh

again with the 'ha ha girls dress slutty on halloween' thing? man. i just

the pants song

voices in my head is so good and i actually really don't mind the message behind the musical that i've gathered, basically just staying true to yourself to actually be happy in life

also rich is neat lmao


crime movies are very easy to compare and gone in sixty seconds sucks compared to ocean's 11. it's not nick cage's best movie for sure, and its just. there's one female character, played by angelina jolie, and she's just the flattest shit ever. sexy love interest to the max. and the crew? so not as interesting as ocean's, at all.

couple good bits, otherwise kinda boring and why does cage talk like that


watching grand army and while they very much nailed the 'american school' vibe in terms of gross locker rooms, racism, the gross comments teen boys make, and the alienation, i did not need to see it on screen let me live my fantasy of school not sucking here

also yeah i'd overshare like that too in an anxiety inducing setting, but i didn't need called out on it