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@Raziel Gallephraya

Wow, you clicked on this, cool. anyways I'm trying to create a murder mystery and thought it would fit well here. I'm looking for critiques of the characters or any ideas that you might have for how I can develop the story into something amazing.

here's the universe, I'm pretty sure you can see the characters I've made, but if not, just shout at me, suggestions are always appreciated!!

Alex Peach

You'll need to think some things out first. First of all, who killed the young mother/what did she die of and why. You'll need motive, opportunity, and capability. Evidence too.
You mention something about a magical system?
How does this work into everyone's lives? Who has the magic? Who knows about it? Who wants it? What are the politics regarding it? How does it work? What does it do? What does it look like?