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Okay so I've posted in this thread before but I stated my question a bit wrong. I'm trying to make a plot for a Video Game. I didn't include enough info about the premise and so the plots offered to me, while interesting, wouldn't help my basis.

The main idea of the game is you have transferred into a new school for your final year at high school. your final period is something you already have the credits for from your old school (Its a History Class), but they stuck you into a class because of a scheduling error. You decide to skip your last class as it wont influence your credits. After the first week or so (which will act as tutorial for school life) you decide to skip your last hour. From there you have to avoid the teachers and admin roaming the hallway, sneak around hall monitors and sweet talk your way out if you get caught. (the way you sweet talk depends on the teacher). This is basically the stealth portion of the game, which as time goes on will get progressively harder.

On the plot so far the idea is that during your other classes you have the opportunity to socialize with different characters each hour and depending on who you socialize with each hour you end up integrating yourself with a clique, about evenly between two cliques or with a third party group. (the third party group would only be available in medium difficulty and up) The characters for several cliques would be accessible in every play through, but the two cliques that argue are randomized. The plot makes it so the cliques have a longstanding feud that you and another friend character get caught up in accidentally. during an argument the vice principal hears something about students skipping and at one point catches you with stuff you use to pull if skips. you have to go into the teacher workroom and get back that stuff and while there you overhear stuff that makes the school seem corrupted. I'm not sure what other complications might rise in a school.

There is gameplay after school as well, you can be at your house, in your street, in an empty pool full of alternative cliques, a public library full of academic cliques and a mall full of prep cliques. I'm still trying to decide what characters you should be able to romance, so any plots that hinge on romance would probably not work, as who you romance wouldn't always fit. Plots with romance offered would help with the creation of characters that you could romance, though keep in mind that you are the new kid in school and in town.

If there where any sequels, they would be completely separate plot wise.


Some ideas:
-If you plan on integrating cliques, it would be interesting if you would be able to get certain perks if you hang out with them for a long time, and those perks could be used in the stealth portion (example: friends with hall monitors = can be let off when caught by hall monitors, )
-You should definitely incorporate the stealth part more when the character finds out about the corruption (sneaking in, sleuthing)
-A small town setting would be great for a game like this. It'll give you an excuse for there to be a few NPCs, and also will help with the whole "corruption" vibe, like as if it were Stranger Things or Twin Peaks
-As for the thing that is corrupting the town, it depends on what genre you're going for. If you plan on focusing on more of the stealth gameplay, it should be more serious, more threatening. If you plan on making it more about cliques, still make it important, but simple, leaving more room to add more stuff with the NPCs, maybe even adding them to this whole scandal
-If you're going a supernatural route, please make one of the cliques all aliens, or vampires, or something like that. That would be awesome
-If you plan on adding romancing, you should make at least two options for each clique. One for each gender preference. Having same-sex is great, seeing as how few there are in gaming. It would also bring a lot of people to the game, almost like a hook
-And while we're on the subject of making it more relatable, make your characters unique! Make them have flaws, issues that you would help them through, all being realistic and relevant
-This would be very complicated, but making different obstacles/enemies for your cliques is a very cool idea
-If you plan on adding a romance theme and plan on making the cliques an important part of the game, think of having the first couple of weeks about being introducing yourself to the different people, and in the end, having the player to choose a clique to permanently go with. This would make it, again, easier, in the long run, seeing as how the player won't be switching from clique to clique
-Also, there are plenty of people here that are willing to help you develop your story. This is a great idea, and you should definitely continue to work on it!

Again these are just suggestions. And can you please give us the name when you're close to done. I really want to play it.