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Hey everyone! So, I noticed that I make a lot of Earth based stories, or seem to. In one, its modern day, but there are witches and wolves that kind of hide from everyone (They live on an island). But anyway, I was wondering what other Earth stories everyone makes or comes up with! Please share!!


Well, in my current story there's Earth and another world on Lepzan. The focus isn't really on the time period, so I noticed I started to mix them. In my story, there will be no time period. There are mentions of cities with internet, but the story mainly takes place in a small village still using quills instead of pens and plowing their fields by hand. My main character will be a girl who lived in a big city till she was 18. She'll have spent the last five years in her current village. So, she wears jeans and carries a backpack, but she doesn't have a phone or anything. I don't focus on this mix of times, but it is there.


story time: so last week i did a small writing challenge on reddit about urban fantasy and the idea was to write the introduction to an urban setting from the main character's point of view in 500 words.

and well, i absolutely fell in love with the world i created, and i might use it one of these days. it's a city that's built upwards and outwards, newer buildings on top of older buildings, until sunlight doesn't even reach the bottom "levels" (imagine coruscant from star wars). gnomes and dwarves like to live on the lower levels because it's dark and gritty, fairies and pixies deliver messages between levels, and other creatures like ogres and elves live where there is money to be made and often work for the highest bidder. the main character is a girl with wings and magic. i like to stick to fantasy as my genre of choice, and i've never really delved into the urban aspect, but this one might be fun.


@Cami That's really cool. And, I know how you feel. I'm a massive fantasy girl. But, for some reason, I have a hard time with time periods. So, I've tried mixing them but not focusing on them.

@Squigs =D

Man, these all sound like really cool story lines. I had been thinking about this world where certain people could 'dream' themselves into a different dimension. It takes place on Earth and in a modern day setting, but, well, different.
Quick question: Can anyone relate to making a whole plan for a story, and then not liking it? Like there seems to be something off about it that you can't put your finger on and it makes the story line weird?


@"Squigs =D" Your Idea sounds pretty cool. I think I know what you mean about the plan thing. I've never felt it about a story plan, but a character plan maybe. It can be very frustrating. Sometimes it's the smallest thing missing/there.

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I have a new world that is vaguely similar to earth in some aspects, and not in others. So it's supposed to be a futuristic sci-fi world, but only the aristocratic upper class, the government, and those who have sponsors have access to the advanced medical, amongst other types, of technology available in this world. There's a big divide between the lower and upper class tho, and it can be seen through the different parts of certain towns. Some towns are honestly just like how it is for us here, normal suburban neighborhoods, schools, cars, hotels etc., you might find a service droid here or there on the occasion but nothing to to different from what we got. Then there are some towns/ parts of town that are run down, rely on herbal remedies from shop keeps who are sketchy at best, and the only tech is stolen goods on the black market or literal rusted junk. There's also the upper class with their nice clothes and jewelry and advanced technology, but honestly they're a minority compared to the other two classes. It's been interesting having my group of main characters travel through the towns and interact with the different aspects of these areas.


The story in my urban world is one of a video game that takes place in a public American school! The central story plot revolve around the animosity of two school cliques and trying to avoid Admin and others while skipping class. Im still trying to figure out what plots might be going on in the school, and I have a thread if you want to come over and help!


my story is set in a world that is pretty much just earth, but if one goes to the right stores, they can get a shirt tailored and have some luck sewn in too, or get a frappucino with a shot of courage. the magic world and the 'normal' world aren't hidden from each other; people just care more about their own worlds than others


My world is set mostly on Earth, but humans had developed through a good chunk of their history alongside a separate, sentient and sapient race known as monsters. For generations, the two species coexisted and mutually benefited each other to create prosperous cities. However, racial tensions between certain members of the two races sparked war, through sabotage, assassination, and the like. After the war raged on for years, an agreement was made between the current leaders of the different human and monster societies to break off contact between the two races for good, so as to not lead to another horribly bloody war. One thing that hadn't been anticipated was humanity's ability to bounce their numbers to beyond their previous numbers, much faster than monsters. As monsters became relatively unknown to humans and they began to inhabit more land, monsters began to take refuge underground to keep true to the agreement while still having a society. Monsters began to create massive underground complexes, designed to house hundreds of monsters. While the general human population is unaware of the existence of monsters, barring those such as governmental leaders, unrest still lingers within monsterkind, as the debate still rages on over whether monsters should remain separated and forced underground or use their abilities to take over the land that was once theirs.


honestly, most of my stories lean a lot more towards a realistic fiction kind of thing, like they are interesting stories, but i don't really add a lot of magic to them. i remember one that i wrote was about a girl dealing with the trauma of her brother almost dying, and that's usually what i shoot for more. the story i'm currently working on has a bit of magic, though its more of a sci-fi kind of thing to be honest. i actually really like reading really magical and fantasy like stories, i just don't write them very often.


I usually have urban fantasy closer to the world of 'Bright'
Where magic and magical species aren't rare, and have become common entertainment.
Magic and technology intertwine, as do the magical and non-magical communities.
Some groups want to bring the world back to the old ways, where humans and (choose a species) fought. In other words, racist fundamentalist groups.
And other groups want to move forward with the general Human-Elf marriage, OrcLivesMatter, etc.
Not to make fun of such groups, but more to highlight how stupid and prejudiced fundamentalist groups look in a different world, as they still are in ours.


My current story is set in a modern world with two supernatural parallel universes.nI'm still trying to figure out a way to make my government how I imagine it. It's supposed to be a mix between an equalitarian, communist, and militarized governments. For example, one idea I've been messing around with is that the people are split into two or three classes; working class (who work to survive and make up the majority) and another class which profits from the working class (probably from their equivalent of taxes) and maybe a third class which is military personnel (they'd probably be middle class). Race or gender doesn't matter, but status and money does (not sure about the money part yet though). Eh, well, any ideas? Or input? Or criticism?

:) Pleb


I can totally relate to the thing about making a whole plan for a story and then not liking it! I was having this really bad writer's block for my story and it just felt really dull and not all that interesting. It was hard to get any motivation to continue it. Then I got some inspiration from a story I was re-reading today, opened a Google Doc and the words and ideas were just flowing so smoothly! I was able to re-write a whole chapter plus some today and I feel really proud of it so far! The basic premise is about the Zodiac Signs personified as a race, who used to protect the Earth from evildoers out in space but haven't returned to Earth from their home planet Patromia since the late 1970's. Then one day (in the present), they come back because even though there hasn't been trouble in a while, the Earth is in danger again. I like this premise a lot better because the previous one was just going to be arcs about each Zodiac Sign's backstory one at a time, and I felt like that was going to get dull really fast. I'm glad I changed it!


Everybody's is so cool! Mine is sort of like a tv show called bnha. I don't watch the show, but my friend has and told me on how they were similar (I was honestly basing it off of sky high). Pretty much the idea is that in 1908, a chemical gas of some sort flooded the earth after a humongous explosion caused by a meteor in Russia (The meteor part actually happened in real life. Look up Tunguska). This caused the sky to become green instead of blue, and also gave everyone superpowers. 110 years in the future, in 2018, this whole incident has caused the world to become more united, to be more technologically advanced, and cooler in general. The story follows a couple of high schoolers preparing for their unknown futures. This is not a book, but a campaign idea for the game "Fate Core" and I'm really excited for me and my friends to be able to fool around in this world.

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My earth story takes place in a world that's just like ours with our same technology, magic exists but, it is only extremely rare.
Everyone has one of the three genres of elemental powers earth, fire, sky, and within these genres, each person gets one ability, they just don't know it because it takes higher magic to unlock these skills.
There are also three Amulets that represent each of the major races of carnivorous animals. Wildcat, Wild dog, and Wild bird. There are Keepers who influence the owner and help them make decisions on what would be best for the world. These amulets have disappeared and appeared at random throughout time. With this power, you could unlock your Elemental powers. When two teens both discover this power to defeat a rising enemy, they discover that these amulets are far from a blessing.
They're a curse.
When the Elemental powers start to change and the advantage is given to their enemy, who's Elemental Genre is the biggest of them all, sky. They discover that there was a guardian looking over the Amulet powers and Elemental powers, balancing them out.
There WAS.
She was murdered.
And whoever has her power, is the strongest of them all.
The power to shapeshift and wield all the Elemental powers.
And well, he won't stop till he gets his revenge.

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i feel so out of place here honestly,

My genre is more or less your basic magic times, but there are coins that you must spend to cast spells, and you only have 10 000 of them. Some lucky peoples coins regenerate, and they are either in a high ranked social status, or a low life who uses his coins for strippers and vodka.

The main character is a female and she has just moved here from Whenderen(another town I'm working on, but it's a big city), and her coins regenerate. She still hasn't gotten used to the system, so she uses these coins to her advantage, (trading them in for food for the family, etc…)

She meets a girl who's coins also regenerate, but she uses these coins for weapons and other assassin tools, her name is Millicent Crul Harbour. These two become love interests of eachother.

That's all I have currently…


I've got this sci-fi, fantasy world in the making, it's got advanced technology far beyond what we've got here, futuristic gadgets and tools/vehicles/mechs/weapons/appliances, plus other planets with many extraterrestrial life-forms and civilizations, and other stuff like that. But it's also got magic, heaven, and hell. Here are some of the items…
-Teleportation belts
-Disintegration watches
-OLTV's, a vehicle capable of travelling land air and sea.
-Various cybernetic enhancements.
-Angelic tools, weapons and armor, as well as bottled angel grace.
-Demonic tools, weapons and armor, as well as bottled demon essence.
-Enchanted items.
-Elemental pistols, futuristic pistols, each one shoots a different element,be it fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, blood, aether/light, nether/darkness, souls, one is quantum and has random effects
-Portal technology that lets one access heaven, hell, purgatory/limbo, and a countably infinite number of alternate realities.

There are also humans, various types of aliens, cyborgs, mutants, angels demons, nephilim, cambion, undead, shapeshifters, all that jazz. It's a hoot.

Also, most of the world lives in settlements, but some live in big citiy, others, in tribes, and there is some modern technology, the Earth itself has changed too. It's so fun having my characters try to survive all of it!


So my universe is kind of WITHIN ours. Basically the story takes place in hidden countries that are only populated by magic users (casters). The main country that is shown in the book is Toria- a country that is hidden in North America.

Whenever a non-magic user- specifically a human- accidentally stumbles upon it's borders they're safely teleported to the other side of the country without their knowledge (this happens even if said human is in a car, or airplane, etc). The country also has wards that protect it from being seen by satellite (and you know- humans).

Each caster country has it's own leader (in some cases MULTIPLE leaders) and set of laws, but each leader is a part of a larger government that decides on bigger things like what to do in wars or if the casters get exposed somehow), and in Toria one of it's major laws is that you can't hunt creatures for sport within it's borders- it's pretty much a huge animal sanctuary, you can't even kill any monsters you come across (you have to incapacitate them and bring them to the proper stables until they can be transferred to the Seelie Realm for safe keeping).

The Seelie Realm is a Realm that intersects with ours, and that's where all of the creatures and monsters usually not found in our world (like unicorns) come from. (There's actually SO much i could say about the Seelie Realm, but I'm going to leave it there for right now.)

In my universe magic comes from the earth- the earth actually produces it, and casters take it and shape it into spells (the magic in the Seelie Realm is produced and used in a similar manner).

I haven't really began to establish what technology is like in my universe, because magic kind of makes some things obsolete, but casters use portals instead of cars, and don't use guns.

So… yeah… (Please forgive any spelling or grammar mistakes here- I haven't slept in over twenty four hours.)


Well. My world is kinda lame compared to all yours, because there is no magic, it's not 'Earth based', it is Earth. So it's kinda lame. My main character is a girl named Rory, and she has purple eyes, that's the strangest thing about it. Yeah, it's lame.

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In my world, everything is the same. Everyone has an elemental power but for most people, the power is dormant. However, some people are born with stronger powers, or have "unlocked" their power. But, because most people's powers are dormant, they don't believe these powers are real.


Mine is like Earth, but it also has all of the greek/roman mythological places it it as well. The elite and most powerful demigods go to the island of Ogygia to train and be dispatched out into the world to keep the magic, (which comes from the island) coursing through earth.

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Ooh this is a cool thread. I have 3 main universes, but one of them is still very much a WIP and isn't really that fleshed out (yet).

My main one is called Toltova. It's really heavily inspired by Victorian England. The thing about this universe though is that some people have powers, some don't. Powers can come in all different forms (some examples include flight, telekinesis, mind reading, invisibility, etc). The not so great thing about powers in this universe though is that there used to be this group called the Patrol who basically just wanted to get rid of everyone with powers and there was this point where there was all these witch hunts going on. Eventually though, the Patrol was brought to an end, and even though this all happened decades before the start of my story there's still some lingering effects of the Patrol's reign. As a result, most people with powers aren't really fully open about it.

My other universe is called the 5 Nations, which is made up of five nations (shocking right) called Forania, Falthra, Kamar, Arribea, and Stalvenia. Each nation has its own unique features and is inspired by different places (Forania- Middle east/ North Africa; Falthra- Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, that general area; northern Asia. Arribea- Eastern Europe, Stalvenia- West Europe. Still not 100% what Kamar is going to be like, but I'm thinking of possibly having it inspired by the Caucasus region).
Anyways, the Magic System is also something I'm really proud of, even though I'm still working on it. Basically, each country gets 2 Magic Keepers; one apprentice and one to help protect their Nation, so there's only a total of 10 Magic Keepers at any given time. There's also two different types of "minor powers." The more common of the two are called Dreamers and they basically can collectively lucid dream, which is useful spreading information around quickly. The other one is called Seekers. A Seeker's power is basically separating their soul from the body (so astral projection, basically). This power allows them to essentially be in two places at once, which makes Seekers highly sought after as spies.