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I'm trying to figure out how to write an early teen character after a loved one dies, but I can't even start….

I just need examples of mental illnesses that this character might have, how it would affect their normal life, and symptoms. Anything works!

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I, fortunately, have yet to experience the death of a loved one. But from what I've read, you can upscale from something smaller. Such as, the loss of a pet.
But if you haven't lost your hamster, either, then online is usually the best place to look for ideas.

There's the five stages of grief:

Another thing you can do is ask a lot of questions. Such as, does everyone go through the five stages?
Little things. All of this also depends on who the character is.
If you have any other questions, I'm always ready to help! :D


If your character witness the death especially a horrible one they can have ptsd, which could lead to flashbacks, nightmares, and a variety of other things. So my advice to you is to do a lot of research. Doing so has helped me tremendously and I am able to get certian aspects of the story right which helps it become a better story.


I'd say, from experience, depression is a big one and might be the stage that lasts the longest out of the first 4


I lost a loved one at the age of 14 so I can speak with personal experience, but I'd rather not go into detail on a public chat. I can tell you about in in PMs if that would be helpful.


I am currently going through prolonged grief with the knowledge that my loved one is terminally ill. If you want more details about this, PM me and I'll explain.

Those 5 stages of grief are absolute bullshit for the most part, since not all people react exactly that way when faced with that amount of loss. It's more of a suggestion than a rule of how grief affects people. Some people never find peace. Some people still grieve, even decades after the person passes. Some people go into a depression and skip the anger. Some people grow irritated at any mention of their gone loved one.


That's very true, I never went through the first 3 stages. I went straight to stage 4 and the process was more slow and complicated that it seems on paper.


It can take a while to move through the 5 stages. It's a really complex process, and depending on the person can take years.