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I enjoy reading well-written fanfictions, due to the fact that they give the reader an ability to explore what wasn't and maybe a different side of the story than what was expressed in the original.


It's nice to see people take their favorite characters and try to do something with them. It's a cute idea that we want to put our favs into different situations, just to see how it would go.

Or just to see how dirty they can be together. It depends on the type of fanfic.

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It's nice when they write from the antagonist's point of view. Make them understandable and relatable, but still unlikable.


i've never actually been a huge fan of reading fanfiction, but i love the concept. i love the idea of people taking their characters and making their own interpretations and not doing it for any kind of glory.

the only fanfic author i read is elecktrum who does AMAZING narnia fics.


I just happened upon this site recently and immediately I'm using it to write fanfiction. Lol. I'm glad to see the community here isn't totally against fanfics. I've known some people - mostly irl - that hate the mere mention of fanfiction.

(Sorry if my grammar/spelling is a bit off I'm writing this while half asleep)


I think fanfiction exists as a good leaping off point for new writers. Not saying seasoned writers can't enjoy it as well, but as someone who began really writing complex characters via fanfiction, and then realizing the limitations of that / not enjoying mine or other interpretations of that character was really what led me into creating original characters that I actually had no limitations with, except the ones I set.

But I think fanfiction is great, and can really help you understand what you wish to pursue in your own writings. Also, sometimes TV writers pander to who they think their audience is, and it's a good way to let off steam rather than attack original creators of the work.

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I don't read much fanfiction mostly because I don't have very many ships. Most of the fanfiction I do read is about characters I don't actually ship. My friends think this is very strange. Here's my logic: I love the characters and the fandom and the writing is good and I enjoy the story, so why shouldn't I read it? I read the clean stuff with plot though, so there's that. My friends still think it's very strange. I'm not sure they'll ever quite understand. They just kind of give me this look when I try to explain. Oh well.


Fanfiction is definitely something that people give me weird looks for, but it's still a form of literature! While it does tend to always be some sort of AU it's still an excellent idea for writers to take part of the fandom. Fanfiction is like an insight on what the fans think could or should happen instead of the writers of whatever show/book/movie made. I'm glad to see that people use the notebook for fanfiction!


I tend to write a lot of fanfiction myself, mainly reader-insertion fanfiction where I can take the reader on a journey through a character that is, well, them! I do put a lot of effort into my fanfiction, I make sure everything in my story is right.

Good fanfiction is hard to find, in my opinion! I can't find stories that are good, well thought out, with plausible logic and with grammar and paragraph layouts. Good ones may just end up being blobs of words, or some start out good and just rot as the writer thinks they aren't getting to the punchline as quick as they 'should'. Some of them may just end up abandoned scraps. Some may just take too long to update. Good fanfiction is like a fresh berry that isn't bruised anywhere, hard to find and a bliss to have!


I absolutely love fanfiction and I am writing one right now. I would love if anyone has any suggestions on how to write it and or would like to see some of it. Good fanfic is hard to come by but when I find a good one I can't seem to stop reading it and I'd absolutely love for mine to turn out just like that. If anyone would like to sample my fanfic or just give me suggestions on how to write it that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and All The Love ~

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I'm writing a furry fanfiction (not that -_-) and it's basically about an organization determined to ending the ferrous race (otherwise known as furries), and the main characters, who have all just lost something important in their lives, have to band together to shut it down. Any ideas?


I'm a big fan of fanfiction. Mine are mostly Harry Potter based, and about different characters. I do have to admit that writing fanfiction is a lot easier than writing my own story, as I'm finding out now..


I'm writing a furry fanfiction (not that -_-) and it's basically about an organization determined to ending the ferrous race (otherwise known as furries), and the main characters, who have all just lost something important in their lives, have to band together to shut it down. Any ideas?

Prehappes there is something that they are both wanting. Rather it be a desire or a need. Examples maybe a cave with priceless jewels, or water that will run out much faster if bother were to continue using it for a main source. Those are just things I pulled out of the top of my head.


Of course I like fanfiction! Crossover Chaos is a fanfiction where I surplant characters from other series into a new world with a ton of worldbuilding! I eventually plan on cutting the copyrighted things out and replacing them with original things that are similar and selling it as a book series, but that's years down the line. I have to finish the fanfic first.

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Fanfictions are great! I'm not a huge fan of self inserts, but others that continue on a cannon series with a new and engaging story is stuff I really enjoy. It's also satisfying to see people express their love for the characters and/or series.

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I've got a fanfic I was hoping someone could critiqe, so if anyone is willing, I'd love for you to do it


I love the fanfics that create an entire world
There's a Solangelo (Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo) fanfic that I love that took the characters and made an entirely different world with them, one full of dragons and nights, but still with gods and demigods, and I just love fics like those because they basically created an entirely new fandom based off another fandom

The fic I'm talking about is called "Gwillym" btw, and it's one of my favorites.


The story I'm writing is literally a fanfiction. I like to re-imagine the worlds of my favorite fandoms, or create whole new ones and throw in a bunch of characters (like, over a hundred at a time) on top of the canon mains. Toss in a cataclysmic event that shakes everything up at the end, and that essentially describes my fanfiction writing style.

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Evelena, I critiqued some of your fanfiction I could only do the first 5 pages as I didn't have much time though.
My comments are the Anonymous ones from 12:00-13:00. Let me know what you think of it.

(I tried sending this as a PM, but it wouldn't go through)

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I have been getting into fanfic but it's so hard to find a good Johnlock ship fanfic, most of them are to sexual and less….. Johnlock.


Fanfiction is a great way to practice and get feedback on writing. It can also help give you ideas for original stories and it's an easy way to experiment. I write it all the time to help get inspiration for my original stuff or just to practice. It helped builds my self esteem so I feel more motivated to keep writing (since fanfiction is more popular on most writing websites I'd get more feedback on them). They can generate ideas too (my story came from numerous fanfictions and I also drew inspiration from music)