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So I'm working on creating my magic system and I need to input the items and artifacts. I need artistic ideas for common ones, and I have a few unique to character items like weapons that need names and/or a design idea.


Is your story based now or in the past?

Varies. I'm going through a large timeline and the technology is well very complicated. Stuff spilled out from a god war so technology and science as well as magic and way of life make unnatural advancements. So its a huge hodge podge. Never played FF games or know much about them, but this is what people say it sounds like I'm going for. Mix in the idea of interplanetary war as well like Dune.


I once created a chainmail shirt (this artifact is cursed btw) that would cause whoever wore it to occasionally drop whatever they were holding. A sword that can cut through anything is always a good one. Depending on who/what crafted the artifact or even who owned it will give it power

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Maybe you can make this kind of amulet that can suck magic out of items like Dumbledore's light thingy.

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If we're going with the "dead gods" thing, then maybe there could be weapons based on the dead gods? Like Grendel's Arm from Skullgirls, the arm of the monster that Beowulf uses (and the one taken from the actual monster in the book) was used in his fighting style. He'd basically whack someone with it, but that doesn't mean that other god body parts couldn't be used. All-seeing eyes, hands of creation, genitals of fertility, world-eater stomachs, etc.