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Meet new characters, share your own, and create believable souls together.


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Humans aren't the only race in a lot of worlds. Elves, dwarves, orcs, oh my! What races are in your world?


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Explore anywhere from downtown Kansas City to the furthest reaches of space.


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Sports seem to naturally emerge in of every world. What crazy sports are in your world?


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Magicbuilding could have an entire site dedicated to it. But here’s a forum to start!

General Worldbuilding

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All about creating new worlds, universes, and ideas: anything goes.


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Lions and tigers and dragons, oh my! Show off your beasts!


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Every world’s got ‘em. Some worlds like them, and some certainly don’t. What’s The Man like in your world?


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From legendary items to the most common things lying around your world, items encompass your world's *things*.


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Share the legends, myths, fables, and tales that breathe life into your world.


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Far out worlds call for far out worldbuilding. What's in your galaxy?


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The plants, flowers, trees, and other nature that paint a rich landscape in your world.


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Good conditions, bad conditions, and more. What affects the characters in your world?


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Linguistics, phonotactics, vexillogy, scripts, and more! Are you constructing your own language?


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Sci-fi brothers, unite! This is the place for all your crazy awesome technologies.


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Get help with jobs you don't know much about, or talk about brand new jobs from your world.


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Building new religions for your world? Chat about deities, followers, rituals, texts, and more.


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Caves, waterfalls, ruins, mountains—whatever your world has. If it's a landmark, it belongs here.


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Holidays, superstitions, customs, and more. What traditions are there in your world?


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From Hogwarts to Walkerville to Brakebills, schools educate every new generation in our worlds.


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People of all kinds eat and drink things of all kinds. Come eat, drink, and be merry!