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So I want to have zodiac signs in my story and I was wondering what kind of magic works the best with each sign? I want them to be a little bit unique so preferably I don't want Aries for example to have fire magic for example. It feels too basic to do elemental magic but I still would like something that matches the personality of each sign.

So what do y'all think?


Maybe their abilities could be effected by what time it is? For example, maybe their magic is weaker whenever they're in months of zodiacs certain kinds don't get along with well, and are stronger in ones that are known to be well compatible with or where the user's other signs come into place (their moon sign, ascending sign etc. Not just their sun sign) and maybe age could effect their abilities too? Like is a certain sign is known for having a number, the user at that age's abilities will be heightened? If this is not the basic thing you want, too, maybe they'll have abilities revolving around animals? (Ex. Taurus has the strength of a bull, or can turn into one themself). Sorry for something so long, but I hope this helps!

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Each zodiac constellation comes from somewhere, perhaps you could work the myths into the powers in some way? For example, maybe Gemini could summon a "twin," Leo could have defensive or shielding magic, or Libra could be able to detect lies or "judge" a person's (good or bad) aura. Though Cancer's myth is kinda lacking, it's whole role in the myth was just being an angry crab.