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Mind Reading and Path Reading.

Mind Reading is basically what it sounds like, but I have a character who can destroy thoughts and completely ruin a person if he wanted (cus he's gonna be a future God and stuff).

Path Reading is the ability to read any person's path that they will lead in life. The stronger the person, the less paths they see. The paths they do see are ones that are more likely to happen.


Mine is "Infinite timestop" The character, Ashley slows down everything within a lightyear radius of herself. During that time, she can move freely while everything else is slowed down to the point of being frozen. This lasts as long as Ashley desires. Ashley can interact with things during this time. When Ashley decides to end the time, everything speeds up to catch up with whatever actions Ashley did. (If Ashley punches someone during the slowed time it doesn't take effect until she ends it) As everything catches up, Ashley returns to the place she was when she started the ability, traveling backward in whatever path of actions she took. Living creatures are entirely aware of the catch-up phase. If someone is fast enough, they would be able to react while everything catches up with Ashley. Ashley can't control her body during the catch-up phase.
Phase 1- Ashley slows down everything.
Phase 2- Ashley takes 3 steps forward and punches Carissa in the nose.
Phase 3- Ashley releases the slow.
Phase 4- Carissa is knocked down, nose bleeding. Ashley rewinds, making a striking motion and taking 3 steps back.


My main character, Lillian, can defeat armies solely with her voice.
She's mastered thousands of languages, memorized thousands of songs, and is an award-winning composer and performer. But her voice can do more than bring tears to the audience, it can literally kill them. Her voice came from a family whose start was with cuthulu, the god of infinity and impossible. cuthulu himself started her family tree, and the trait of his voice was buried for generations until it reached lillian. Her voice, when sang loud enough, can literally knock someone's soul out of their body and kill them.

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For me it would be poisons/ chemicals because imagine this:

You need to fight someone and you can just made them sick, knock them out or outright kill them. You can also heal people since chemicals. ( it’s bad reasoning but bear with me on this)

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One of my characters in one of my many universes is this shapeshifting giant dragon-alien creature sent to destroy Earth (and previously, many other planets.)

She has many abilities, but her strongest ability is known as an Obliterator, which does exactly what its name does; wipe out everything in its path. She only uses this in a last resort and after using it becomes extremely tired, to the point she enters a status where her body becomes encased in a protective layer of ‘stone’; sleeping in it for a few days, maybe months to recover her energy.
The Obliterator is, I suppose a mixture of magic and natural ability. Upon striking most things, they’re disintegrated, with little to no time to react. For creatures of similar size, there would be a body left behind, but they’d probably die, if they had no forms of protection (which little could stand the Obliterator.) For things that are larger the part caught in the blast would most likely be disintegrated.
The Obliterator takes a few minutes to fully charge, so the character has to plan ahead. There’s also a stronger version called the Supercharged version, but the character has to use that version with care, as the risk of her ending her life is greater.

I guess you could also say for End of Time anything dimensional since characters such as The Red Mountain have the ability to know all paths in the future giving them a huge advantage over fights. And Sinistra plus her siblings possess the ability to rip apart the fabric of time and space, or ‘heal’ it if they wanted to. But they don’t use it, for the most part.

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[Finite Infinity]-
The ability to create a zone where all movement and forces are slowed exponentially. When affected, the functions of lifeforms also slow, eventually going into a coma-like state. In time, sentient beings find themselves in a Reality of Delusion*. The effects of this ability cannot be reversed, even with reality-warping or time related abilities.

*A dreamlike world that takes its form from the subject's subconscious. Certain phenomena are present in each Delusion and represent the subject's greatest values, fears, and wishes. There is no escape from this fantasy no matter how much the subject wishes it.


Mine would have to be Annabeth William's Mental Powers.

So imagine like Eleven from Stranger Things right?

Multiply that power by ten.

To be honest it's more of The Force on steroids. It's honestly just a way to knock sense into someone if they are godmodding in rp or to deal with a threat if no one else can deal with it and they need some plot armor since the person threatened is important to the story.

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Hmm. Zol could literally suck the life out of someone and he's actually the most powerful in the entire series. He's also a sort of pacifist though, so he never uses as much power as he could.

Soáki caused the San Francisco earthquake.
Gaiesh can mold fate to a certain extent.

Daniella can't control it (she tries and that's when bad things happen), but her power turns her into a jack of all trades god almost. It pretty much makes her have super senses, super quick reflexes, super athletic skills, and telekinesis.
Alene can possess anyone unless they have a really strong mind.

Hiqar-at can do literally anything unless there's a more powerful jinn counteracting him. But he's also a slave so…

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Whenever this character sneezes, they explode. Larger sneeze = larger explosion. (explosions won't harm user)

Sounds stupid, but thanks to who got it, its a terrifying power.

the character has pollen allergies, and will sneeze when exposed to it. This means that this character has to wear an air tank/filter system to prevent accidental explosions. They can inject pollen into their air system to effectively EXPLODE ON COMMAND. He is also immune to explosions thanks to the loophole in his power that prevents him from dying instantly upon sneezing. In a world where powers can range from stupid to situational, this power is terrifying in combat.

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Uh… I haven't necessarily thought about how ridiculous my magic system could get, but aside from dropping mountains and tidal waves on people, one of my characters has a revolver he enchanted to have a random effect every time he spins the cylinder. This can range from shooting chickens to bright camera flashes to laser beams the diameter of a car that obliterates everything within its path.


Well, I have a character who can manipulate kinetic energy. I mean, consider the possibilities.

Someone he doesn't like walks past?
Bam, kinetic energy stolen and the person trips on basically nothing due to the loss of balance and all that. Of course, he has no sway over potential energy, so the person could just get right back up and keep walking, but it's the petty things that matter.

Oh, and if someone were to attack him, via fists, bullet, sword, etc., the kinetic energy would dissipate at the moment of impact, becoming his to wield. And the method of attack won't harm him at all.

And then there's the whole particle movement thing. Slow something down (including heat particles), and things instantly get cold. Or vice versa, if he were to speed them up.

Imagine he's pushed or jumps off of a high surface, and right before impact he simply reduces his kinetic energy enough to land safely. Or manipulating his own kinetic energy enough to dodge something dangerous (in case he's keeping a low profile or running low on stamina).

He can also steal kinetic energy from other people/things and channel it into other objects. Like, for example, a pebble. (His preferred weapon is a slingshot for a reason).


I have a character who uses telekinesis to weaponize her environment. Like one of her favorite abilities deals with her materializing two machine guns. Essentially her ability allows her consciousness to enter her environment. She can cause the ground to swallow people, she routinely solidifies the air in front of her to stop attacks. And best of all, she can morph the ground for mobility, or impale one of her enemies.

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Astral blade

Summons a large blade (400 meters tall) of astral energy above the selected area, this blade when driven into the ground, then creates a 15. on the ritcher scale, Destroying all surrounding grounds in a one mile radius as well as enveloping that area in literal fire, After initial impact the blade then collapses and creates a black hole, which will last for fifteen seconds before dissipating, The cast time for this spell is around one hour. And it requires an Astral Archmage to cast, Something which is very rare as Astral magic is limited to high Wraithic spirits almost exclusively.

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I would have to say a copy magic
the main character in my story can copy any magic she sees and keeps it. So she has a lot of magics she can use


Ability make success and easy of our life. It come from more practice and Imagination. mind reading and future reading is the most term of power ability.

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Called a catalyst.
It pulls all magical energy from anything in the area, into the user.
Basically, it kills everything in the vicinity and increases the user's potential for spellcasting.
It can also be modified to absorb other sorts of energy, such as electricity, kinetic energy and heat.
Very hard to do and generally frowned upon is modifying it to pull life force and aura energy from humans.

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My most powerful ability is one of two…
"obsess super mortuo!" Is basically where the person is forced to obsess over death, to the point where they

The other is "Let there be Light." Which is basically healing magic on steriods. Think Crazy Diamond from JJBA, but on mega-steriods